Taking The Filter Off Your Life

I know this kid who’s been addicted to heroin since he was a teenager. He started his young life being diagnosed with ADHD with little to no treatment. Of course his energy became out of control and drugs soon became the natural fit to cease the pain. I saw an Instagram post of his and it rattled my core.

“Why should I apologize for the monster I’ve become? Nobody has apologized for making me this way.”

Good grief, I understood addiction in one second. Here’s where I rise and advocate for all those suffering with drug and alcohol problems. I know you’re hurting, and I understand that nobody can see your pain. The invisible wounds are so dense, and I know you want them to go away. The pain can be insurmountable, but trust in your spirit. Life is working for you even though you feel the opposite. Here’s where I stand up for you and your pain.

Parents, don’t have children if you have unhealed trauma.

Parents, don’t have children when you lack self-care.

Parents, get yourself in therapy today to heal yourself.

Parents, look your child in the eyes and see their pain. It’s just like yours.

Parents, tell your children you love them and squeeze them so tightly.

And for Godsake, ask them where it all went wrong. Sit back, take your ego out and listen to your child. Hear their story. Allow them to feel your heart and move on towards a healing path.

Parents, you hold the key to unlock the pain and suffering your children are enduring.

Talk to them. Care. If there’s anything you should care for it is your child’s life. Let them feel your pain and how you want them to choose life. Right now. Do it.

Addicts, I am here for you. I stand up. I will speak for you and get them all to listen and acknowledge your pain. WE will connect and then it’s your responsibility to continue down the healing path. It’s all you get. If you keep playing the victim, you will cycle the victim. Instead, rise up within yourself and feel all that dormant shame, grief, and apathy. As you slide up the scale I promise you will hit desire. You will want to heal. And you’ll get angry, but at least you feel fucking alive. Move your body and you’ll come out the other side moving toward a life of willingness. Drugs will seem like a distant unsupportive friend and thank goodness you drew your boundaries. This is when Victims shine their light. They draw thick boundaries so people can’t hurt them anymore. The energy wells up inside your soul leaving you with a lack of self-worth. Knowing that little kid inside had so much potential. And no, it’s not too late. It’s perfect. Your story becomes the motivation for the rest of your life. Your empowerment is a true testimonial to life. Show other people your strength and intelligence that you’re hiding inside. You’ve got it, babe. You always have had it.

Fight for yourself.

Let’s stop looking at addiction as the problem of a low life. They are not the scum of the earth. They are real people with real problems. Invisible wounds that our soulless society can’t see. Ask someone their story with your heart; feel their pain. I’m sure it matches yours, if you’d have the courage to allow yourself to go there.

Posting positive quotes on IG doesn’t really hit the soul, if you end up going back to the same ways. That’s actually called ignorance. Why should your child quit their addiction when you’re still secretly dabbling with yours? It’s frustrating for your child as much as it is for you. The wires are crossed and it’s time to rewire them. Apologize for the characteristics you lacked as a loving and nurturing parent.

Drop your eff’ing ego. Let’s Heal.


Xx- g.


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