My Story

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


I started in the healthcare world as a licensed physical therapist in the typical volume-driven chaos of an orthopedic clinic, which saw numerous patients a day. This system is based on a “fix me” attitude, overwhelmed healthcare workers just trying to get through the day, and dictated by powerful insurance companies that control the revenue of these businesses and, ultimately, the health of its patient. Unfortunately, the picture became clear to me that healthcare is not about the person, which negated the sole reason I chose the career: to help people. This led me to create my own small boutique practice where I would strive to give excellent client care and rely on word-of-mouth advertising. No office relationships with doctors, no contracts with insurance companies, no hot or cold packs. I would be there for the specific and specialized needs of each person and my goal for them was to be hopeful and pain free. This took me guiding them through their body while paying careful attention to how it felt to them when they would bend a joint or contract a muscle. I used techniques that encouraged them to be mindful and conscious of their movement while ultimately establishing pain-free patterns. It wasn’t a pill or an injection; it was focused w-o-r-k that helped my clients live inside their body.

So, I started to wonder…if I could help change people’s lives with their orthopedic pain, would it help with more involved diseases? Regardless of the problem, I felt it was their soul that needed health, something that I learned I could clearly see. I strongly believe our body has the wisdom to heal itself and was always intrigued with the marvelous work of Caroline Myss, a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and medical intuition.  She has insight into people’s bodies that spoke of the emotional root of one’s pain. I wanted to learn that skill and combine it with my Physical Therapy background and practice to offer a well-rounded approach to healthcare. Soon, I found myself sitting in front of Caroline committed to learning more about others and myself in her Sacred Contracts course, gaining in-depth knowledge of archetypes which is a symbolic language system for the soul. Archetypes are deep patterns of power that influence who we are and how and why we make the choices we do in our life. Your sacred contract tells the story of your life and helps when one gets stuck in life and needs change. I specialize in connecting the archetypes and the physical body. This course strengthened my medical intuition and gave me more insight into the area of one’s life that is driving an individual’s pain or disease.

Typically, pain and disease need major transformation in a person’s life to create love, peace and prosperity in the body.  As I started working with clients using this philosophy, I saw change happening daily. The connection was undeniable.  It worked for me, personally, and it was working for my clients.  I kept donating my time to people until someone gave me the idea to start a foundation. I could influence people with my vision toward not only healing disease, but also encouraging people to enrich their lives with hope for a future of preventative medicine.

Through many dreams and faithful meditation I could hear my mission loud and clear. Empowered Health Foundation and Centripetal Force Studio is my soul’s path. I have dedicated my heart to these businesses and can only hope to bring change.

Thomas Edison said, “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” I strive for that day and very committed to contributing my part toward his wish for a fabulous future for my children and all others.

Get Empowered!