Inner Homelessness

Why should I apologize for being the monster I’ve become? No one ever apologized for making me this way- unknown

Our body is our home and our home is our body. Our spirit integrates into the bones and flesh to embody its aliveness at birth. We are housed with the intention to live in our bodies every second of every day. But when you grow up in a household full of Adverse Childhood Experiences, living in your body becomes optional. Childhood neglect, abuse and family dysfunction shifts the body’s physiology and shapes the perspective and the lens in the way a person views the world. The inner pain can develop into something unbearable and force a person to check out of their bodily residence leaving its space vacant. An unfathomable inner homelessness characterized by an unforeseen fractured spirit and shattered heart. 

Over time their consciousness flattens, they begin to not give a damn about anything, losing faith in themselves, unable to establish boundaries, making choices that harm themselves and others while ultimately squandering all responsibility and accountability in life. They are stuck in severe survival mode. Did they give up? If so, not out of desire, but for the reason that their body gave up on them first and their soul fled the building long ago from all the hurt. Someone hurt them, someone gave up on them or someone didn’t even give them a chance at life. Home was not where the heart was and sadly, they become the walking dead truth tellers of the family. The quintessential scapegoat holding familial dysfunction nobody has the courage to face or admit. 

A broken hearted soul just waiting to be found.

When a person is homeless on the inside it can inevitably leave a person literally homeless on the outside.Homeless people are like spiritual messengers on an inner strike to hold perpetrators and others accountable for their wrong doings and belief systems that destroy the human spirit. They are showing us something happened in that house of pain they grew up in years ago. Street artist Banksy displays the issue best with a classic beggar holding a small sign, “Keep your coins, I want change.” They want powerful transformation and healing from the internal family system to old and antiquated systems of healthcare, racial and gender inequity and social justice. 

The homeless crisis is a psychic disorder showing us a deeper problem, a disturbance of the soul. Everywhere you look you see someone wandering the streets, camped in a bush, begging for money or screaming their inner thoughts. After decades of unresolved generational and historical traumas the invisible wounds have physically manifested in front of our eyes. Trauma is visible now. The inner homeless have literally become super survivors without a physical home. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said, “there is power in numbers and there is power in unity.” Collectively, this community is indirectly sending a strong message of a much needed shift in consciousness. 

The western medical model needs to acknowledge that emotional pain causes physical pain and understand that traumatic experiences negatively impact the body for life unless treated appropriately. No amount of medicine will ever cure their aching heart. Soul food is the only remedy. A new frontier of holistic healthcare needs to focus on healing the human nervous system and help people upgrade from survival physiology to thriving physiology. An individual requires love, safety and belonging to grow in life. We are the only ones that can change the systems. Because at the end of the day the right people fight for you. The right people show up and the right people care. If you know the truth about your loved one and the rest of the family has alienated them, stand up for them. 

Love their heart. 

Love their soul. 

Tell them they are worthy of love.

And I hope with all of God’s grace they find their way home. 

Xx, Dr. g

image: Banksy