The Lost Voice in Neck Pain

There’s this thing that happens with chronic neck pain. Over time, it’s not so physical anymore and it becomes an energetic problem. It doesn’t have anything to do with your stiff neck, bulging discs or forward head posture. At this point, it has everything to do with the inability to connect to your communication center and expressing your truest self. You’ve cleared all the radiological imaging, tried multiple stretches and the over the counter anti-inflammatories are not working anymore. Pain medication isn’t the answer. You can’t put your finger on it because no one taught us how to connect our life experiences to our physical bodies. But I’m beginning to gain hope. We are on the horizon of healing emotional pain through the physical body. We are starting to see the importance of the body-mind connection.

Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life highlights mental thoughts and how they form physical experiences. Our Emotional Pain Chart lays it out beautifully! In her book, the neck is represented by refusing to see other sides of the question, stubbornness and inflexibility. We unknowingly remain stuck and fearful in our own bodies. Our posture carries memories our mind may have dissociated from, or suppressed. The body doesn’t speak words as a way of remembering the past, instead, the body communicates through tightening and relaxing movements and postures. It’s our responsibility to understand the subtle language of the body and the messages our spirit is trying to convey through the pain. Our bodies can suffer enormous consequences if we don’t make choices that hold our greatest power. 

As a physical and energetic therapist, my body detective archetype kicks in, and I do a light investigation of the musculoskeletal system and a thorough spiritual analysis. I gather my data through the tone of one’s voice, their natural postural habits, and their perspective on life. I’m interested in the way they tell their life story, the key players involved, and how they interact within their relationships. I want to know why they are hyper vigilant or why they have trouble protecting themselves. I’m interested in their level of self-confidence, self-worth, and how they value life overall. Are they living their dreams? Are they happy in their relationship? Have they found their light? Why can’t they find love? Do they feel loved? Are they grateful?

My goal is to immediately redirect them on their life path.

By the time I evaluate the longstanding neck pain, the client has limited mobility, radiating pins, needles or numbness in the upper extremities and unable to have a decent night’s sleep. They’ve tried at least five different pillows. The chronic pain is affecting their daily life and most certainly taken a toll on their freedom. The heaviness of the head begets fear and feelings of depression and sadness typically enter one’s mind. What we don’t realize is that the sadness has been sandwiched between shame and anger for quite awhile. The intellectual form of the body is searching for understanding, lesson and purpose through dormant emotions.

One of the major emotions that, I believe, sits deep in the cervical vertebrae is courage. Why is it so difficult to use your voice? Why are you not following your dreams? Are you self-critical? What decisions do you need to make to change your life? Who didn’t allow you to express your inner self while growing up? Perhaps you need to contemplate your purpose in life? Frustrated because you can’t find the courage to carry out life the way you hold it in your mind? Maybe you’re the black sheep of your family and you’ve lacked expressing yourself because you’re afraid of shattering the family image or fearful of what others may think? If we don’t muster the bravery and grit we need to be who we truly are meant to be in this lifetime, we swallow the perceptions that others hold about us instead of informing them of who we are in the world. We experience loss all the time; loss of a parent, loss of who we really are, maybe even regret that we aren’t living the lives we dream. 

The right side of the body represents the masculine energy body as the left side represents the feminine energy body. More specifically, the right hip represents the father and the left hip represents the mother in your life. The jaw, respectively, right and left temporomandibular joints (TMJ-which is closely related to the cervical spine) mirrors the hips. What unfinished business do you have with your parents? Do they know who you are? Have you been clear with them? Are you holding family secrets? Have you said all you need to say before they depart this life? Left sided neck pain can be representative of not looking at problems related to your mother or the female figures in your life. Maybe your mother is not accepting of the characteristics that need to be expressed from deep within yourself so they somatize in the tissues. And right sided neck pain could be where you refuse to soften with your words towards others because you were injured by a man or hurt by your father. You may be clenching on to anger.

The body doesn’t lie. The issues are in the tissues surfacing to give you deeper meaning and insight into healing your body. Even if you think you are over the pain, there might be more to mend. 

Physical pain is emotional pain. 

Our neck carries all the heaviness we think we are supposed to be instead of using our heart to become who we truly are in our lifetime. We feel disconnected from our core and often have the tendency to numb our emotions, we feel defeated and yearning to feel lighter and feel lifted once again.

Would you like to take a deeper look at your neck pain? Let’s review your health history and discover how your life experiences are communicating through your physical body. A virtual physioenergetic consultation can help you make a connection with your unprocessed emotional pain and what it represents in your life. I have a way of tapping into the gut to help you feel what’s draining your soul. When you bring awareness to who or what’s taken your power you can finally let go and release the trauma, shame or fear in the tissues. The body craves this type of healing because the emotional experiences, which have been stuffed down, surface to release the pain. I find that it illuminates the soul. And, when you can express your truth to your children, you can rest assured you are healing the intergenerational line allowing the generations to come to live life with more passion and purpose.

It’s time to find the courage to express yourself.

Xx~ Dr. G

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