Share Your Gift!

Today is the halfway marker for my 40 days to 40. I can’t believe I have twenty days until I turn forty years old! I’m so happy I took this time off to reflect on life. It’s forced me to get out of my “busy” habit. As I pulled away from things that kept me busy and in a routine I’d naturally find myself trying to create a new one: I’ll blog everyday, go to the grocery store on this day, workout at this time, etc…Stop! That’s what I’m trying to break away from! Being busy is a habit for me and I’ll tell you why. I have a mission. I’ve know this from a very young age when I could see and feel things that were invisible to most. It frightened me because I didn’t know how to explain it to anyone. I tried to make sense of it through new age & self help books as best I could. The energy of what I couldn’t see made me nervous and anxious. I’ve always felt a burning desire to understand and connect to something I couldn’t see. And after forty years I’ve felt this journey finally come to a halt. I’m done! I crossed the spiritual marathon tape! I’ve written all I can, carved and edited all that can be. My mission is complete and I’m so psyched for it.

I’ve got a book manuscript sitting inside my desk waiting for an editor, a killer brand to bring new energy to physical therapy, and a non-profit vision that keeps people connected throughout important stages in life.  Both brands will make an intense impact and shift in healthcare. I know how to empower your health! It took me having to plunge into the depths of my soul and cleanse generations of negative emotions for me to understand and see why people are in pain and sick. It’s been years of holding this in and hiding behind my career as a physical therapist; it’s been exhausting suppressing what I’m really meant to do.  Cleaning energy lines and stepping into people’s lives to try and prevent energy leaks that cause illness or a health crisis has left me drained. It’s my own fault for not being transparent with my service and not protecting myself and this gift. I can’t try to clear up someone else’s life barriers for fear of what it may make me feel. That way of being doesn’t serve me anymore and is a cord in need of cutting. So I am. I’ve come to understand how unique this skill is and what it’s worth. Energetically diagnosing someone can literally save their life while potentially saving subsequent generations. Stepping into this realm has been a challenge for me. A huge block of fear…what will everyone think of me? What if they don’t believe me? These doubts made me wonder…

Why is it so difficult to break through our fears and find our gift?

I mean it’s a personalized gem from God designed only for you, right? We fret that it’s not the right time, you need more education, or “why me”? How come I was chosen with a beautiful voice to sing pretty songs? Because you were, that’s why. Yes, you will feel uncomfortable at first and your life will change, but you’re heading in the direction of your highest potential. It takes you down the path of your very existence.

You know you’ve been in the closet singing your heart out for that one day you’ve dreamnt about. The day the angel asks for you to sing. You think you’re nervous but he hands you the mic and you’re at home. It just flows like you were born to do this. Little did you know he has a list of connections to make your dream happen. He was sent here to help you rise because in turn that helps him rise. By elevating our brothers and sisters we lift the energy of this earth.

When you own your gift and share it with the world we all benefit. Don’t hide anymore: we need what you have to offer. You are not serving yourself anymore by standing in your own shadow. Get out on that stage and sing your heart out, invent that product, or help that person in need. Share your gift! Turn that fear into love and watch happiness consume your very existence. Those physical pains, that auto-immune disease, the depression will fade by the light you’ve shed upon it. You will not be disappointed.