Powering Down to Power Up

All we have to fear is fear itself, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said during the Great Depression and his words resonate today. We carry the strength of our ancestors who survived that Great Depression in our bodies. And, we will overcome this crisis.

But, we have work to do. I have known and seen for a long time that we also carry the burdens of that Great Depression in our bodies. The pain signals of S.O.S. that I have been tracking in people’s bodies, families, and generations are amplified. The invisible signals are becoming more visible and palpable. Over the last month, I have felt like Centripetal Force Studio has become a crisis center. People are coming in on the verge of collapse, some of their kids feeling the despair of suicide. They are in desperate need of resuscitation – a course correction in their life, family and home. I remind them this is a shedding of the old. It may feel like something inside is dying, but instead something inside is kindling a rebirth.

This despair feels old, 100 years old, as if it’s been handed down generation after generation since the Great Depression. The depression and anxiety from those breadlines and soup kitchens, which befell American families, triggered a survival mode that we embody today.  This survival mode is a constant state of fight-flight-freeze in the body. We are in desperate need as a nation for a reset to rest-digest-repair. The time has come to power down so that we can investigate and heal the generational unfinished business in our bodies and families, which started during the Great Depression. This crisis is the reset. And, we will come back stronger than ever. This is an invisible enemy. We are being forced to look within, forced to face deeper fears about our mortality that magnifies what it means to survive, to live, and ultimately to thrive.

This is a powering down to power up. I am a body detective. My detective work to uncover invisible wounds feels more important than ever, even as I close the doors of Centripetal Force Studio. Sometimes, we have to close one door to open a wider door to reach more people. I have been collaborating with Denise Carson, the Body Journalist, in online healing intensives via Zoom with patients to map and heal the emotional and generational roots of puzzling chronic pain, addiction, ADHD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and cancer across the country. When they receive the root story map of the pain and disease, the response is relief and often we hear, “It’s not my fault.” We will continue to meet with patients and families on Zoom to expand this detective work to solve the unresolved trauma and toxic grief disrupting the physical and mental systems that maintain health. We will be focused on wrapping up our book, Invisible Wounds, to guide more people to become their own body detectives. We are also collaborating with my Dream Team to concentrate this year on launching programs to help kids with trauma – Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Over the last year, I’ve seen so many more young patients in need of a reset that will literally change the trajectory of their lives, thus we feel the need to focus our resources first on the youngest carrying our generational pain.

I have helped so many young people clear the tension and anxiety of generational trauma held in their bodies. They connect to their core – the power source of their confidence, social connection, and ability to ward off bullies. The results are victories small and large in the classroom and on the playground. On the same note, I have had parents come in saying, “I feel like my child is on the trajectory to become a future addict.” And, I tell them what I am telling you now, do your work, clean out the family closet, and turn on the light in the darkness. Don’t take those secrets to an early grave because that passes on your open wounds to the next generation and weakens their core ability to maintain health. You must have courage to heal your generational wounds, heartbreaks, betrayals, and moral injuries in your bodies instead of transmit that pain to your children.

The antidote to fear is courage. President Roosevelt’s response to the Great Depression was The New Deal focused on relief, reform and recovery. He had the courage to face the fear. This is our time to stand with courage to put an end to passing down a legacy of pain, and instead rewrite our history to pass down a legacy of health, happiness, prosperity, and longevity. This is our New Deal a reset to rest-digest-repair for our bodies, families, homes, and communities. Your choice to heal will conquer the fear. Together, we can lighten the generational burdens for our children and our children’s children.

Contact me if you are ready to reset and heal in your own body, family and home, we can begin virtual online sessions. Together, in this time of powering down, you will power up.