Changes in 2020

Looking back, I realize that I took a leap of faith in opening my own physical therapy practice in 2004. Fresh out of grad school, I joined a traditional fast-paced orthopedic clinic that showed me people with chronic pain needed more. I am grateful John & Jan Doyle, who I will remember as an angel, believed in me. They created space for me at The Belmont Athletic Club. I started a cash-based PT practice, which was cutting edge at the time, who knew? I was going against the grain and I realized quickly if people paid cash, they were invested in their care, which was different coming from the insurance- driven orthopedic clinic. It was in my new studio space, I realized I had the freedom to take the time to listen to my patients as we restored their bodies, the stories behind the pain emerged. Many times, that story had never been shared until that moment. This stirred my curiosity. I started to see how the emotions from the stories outweighed the diagnosis and I was eager to learn how to release it from their body. I didn’t want to help my patients and clients just heal, I wanted to see them transform.

Their bodies transformed, their lives transformed simultaneously. Chronic pain became my specialty.  People kept coming to me after they had exhausted physical therapy, acupuncture, surgery, medication, etc.

I began to connect the pain to their life experiences. I was more concerned about how they were feeling with the aftermath of their breast cancer than the shoulder pain, but then I realized the cancer was connected to their shoulder pain. I found a way to treat both. I wanted to explore deeper.

After 10 years at the Belmont Athletic Club, it was time to move on and create my own brand. I needed a space. My client, who I would today remember as an angel, told me there was a space across the street. I checked it out. He gave me the application and I was in. This time, I had the opportunity to bring some thoughtful design to the forefront of my healing methods. It was in this space, I created Physical & Energetic Therapy. In Centripetal Force Studio, I delved deeper dissecting my clients’ pain patterns in the body that aligned with their emotional pain. I began to see that it was beyond their body sometimes radiating from one to three generations before their time. At 202 Argonne Avenue, I went from treating people with chronic physical pain to cancer, addiction, ADD/ADHD and autism. I found that I could unravel the emotional and generational root of these diagnoses.

The time has come again to spread my wings and fly. I look back and I’m fascinated by the stories I’ve heard and amazed at the resilience of the human spirit. I’m grateful for each and every person who crossed my path. The range of emotions, truth and vulnerability they displayed regarding their lives allowed me to see what causes a diagnosis…and most certainly how it can be healed or how our soul can peacefully transcend. Each person on this journey has been a gift to me. I am eternally grateful for the angels who have silently touched my life with gifts that I have gone on to exponentially share in our community and beyond.

We will be closing Centripetal Force Studio door on March 27, 2020. All of the knowledge learned from this beautiful community will shift into the next chapter to reach and heal more people. I receive emails from all over the world asking if there are other practitioners doing what I do, honestly, I don’t know! I do know that it’s time to research what we do. This next phase involves proving our healing method. My Dream Team and I are working on opening The Empowered Health Center- Physical + Energetic Therapy Research. We plan to track and measure our patients throughout treatment so we can evidence our method to implement programs in schools, correctional facilities and build innovative facilities for substance abuse and cancer recovery.

This is my soul’s calling for the next chapter. I know this body of work is the future of healthcare. I want give this back to my children, your children and their children’s children. Getting in touch with our emotions and learning how it runs through our body is the way we will prevent much of the pain, illness and disease that we see today. We can restore connection and reciprocity within human beings and elevate our planet.

In the interim, I will be available for Physical & Energetic Therapy evaluations and healing intensives. Location to be determined. Email:

Until soon, G.



    • Sam says:

      The evidence based practice, I have been taught (and believe), is the next best thing for you to reach even more people than you already have. I am so happy that you have outgrown yet another space and will continue to help and heal so many more people. It’s so obvious that what you are doing works. I can personally say that it changed my life and was a factor in my pursuit for a career in social work. I am continuously in awe of you and how you continue to develop your initial
      idea into something I truly believe can change the world. Love you Gina.

      • SAM! Everyday I waiver with doubt and everyday I am sent something that confirms my direction and path are on the right track. THANK YOU! I’m stepping away to take a breather and prepare for the next phase of this incredible journey. I appreciate you so much and hope you come work at The Empowered Health Center! We all need you! Love you too Sam! xoxoxo

  1. Kelsea Mazzocco says:

    Love to you and your clear vision! Hopefully you can come share some of your genius in our group space at Go Inward 🙏🏼😘