Physical & Energetic Therapy

You cannot heal what you cannot feel…

The number one question I receive: Gina, what exactly is it that you do?

I am a physical therapist, and I blend energetic therapy to achieve faster healing results. Energy Therapy consists of Archetypal Patterning to uncover the root cause of pain, illness, or disease, while using my own unique blend of Pranic Healing and Craniosacral Therapy. It assists in balancing out the energy body, which, in turn, heals the physical body much quicker.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain?


Troubles getting pregnant?

Need life direction?

Untapped grief?

Going through a divorce?

Just retired?

Insight to a illness?

Going off to college?

Troubles focusing?


Need a purpose?

Come see me.

Without a doubt I want to see you when your body is in pain, but I also want to assess your Energy Anatomy when you’re not in pain. Think of seeing me twice a year like you visit your dentist. I’ll assess your life and its emotional connection to your body. If it’s good, see you in six months, and, if not, let’s balance your energetic field to prevent unnecessary pain or prepare you for life’s challenges.

It’s vital that I see you after you’ve hit big milestones in life. We need to unravel the storm of a divorce or the countless years you spent at your job. We need to build up your energy and confidence to go off to college. We need to prep your body to sit at that computer every day.

We need to hit the reset button.

It’s important we stay centered so magnetic forces don’t creep into our vortex and become a learning lesson filled with pain that could have ultimately been avoided. A simple 90-minute Evaluation may seem like nothing, but it can ultimately change your course in life. I don’t follow the traditional PT prescription of 2-3 visits per week x 4-6 weeks.

At Centripetal Force Studio we are in our own lane of transformation. We are neither fitness nor medical oriented. We are a healthcare boutique that assesses the emotional root of the physical pain. We use energy therapy to balance your energetic field so you can connect you to your life, feel successful and be happy.

We need a healthcare revolution.

Your musculoskeletal system is connected to your highest potential. As a physical therapist I have the privilege to assess your life and discuss with you whether or not you know your purpose. Knowing your true calling is so important for your life and happiness; it really can save you from chronic pain and suffering. The lack of self-understanding and direction that our society feels is a very real health problem. It ends up leading to all sorts of emotional stresses, including depression, anxiety, and fatigue. And when these stresses or negative emotions become entrenched, they can contribute to the development of an illness. It’s not only your mind that wants to know your mission—this knowledge is vitally important to your body and spirit as well.

If you’ve exhausted traditional and non-traditional methods to heal your physical pain or just feel stuck in life, this is where energy therapy comes in! Some like to call it Energy Medicine or Medical Intuition, either way it’s the stagnant and stale energy that’s tied to us. Whether it’s from life experiences on our earth or unfinished business with deceased loved ones, there is always something that’s holding us down.

Perhaps we are desperately trying to start a family of our own, but the deep fears of becoming a parent for fear of recreating our hurtful childhoods, is stifling that new creation of life. These are the wounds we cannot see that block our happiness. They are the lessons, which almost always lead us back to our softer heart, only deeper than before.

Our energy body is housed with emotion. If we can uncover our fears/worries, grief, anger, sadness, and shame we can truly uncover most of our pain. Think of it like ripping off a Band-Aid. I quickly compress my hand down to subside the pain, and within minutes it’s gone. Energy Therapy requires you to lay idle for a minute and feel your body; we can heal there.

My purpose is to help you heal. I’ll always work with you, even if it’s for just one time. At the very least you can attend our Energy Therapy night the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

Your body is sending you signals.


I can help you read them,

Xx- g.