We Need A Healthcare Revolution

Humanity has set itself up either to break down or break through.

Here at the Empowered Health Foundation we assist in connecting the human body on an emotional and physical level. We divide this into three stages—early, mid, and late life. This is where the deep healing occurs.

PROJECT Braincore

Helping engage children’s inner spirituality and minds through physical movement, we propel them forward so they can achieve success in and out of the classroom.


During the height of a human’s life, we help them unravel the pain, illness, and disease that are found in physical bodies. By connecting these ailments to their emotional and spiritual roots we awaken and revive their life.


As the last stage of life comes to a close, we help people review their lives. Making peace with their families and leaving a new legacy, they’re able to embrace their last days as the end of life nears.



“Any earthquakes and tsunamis that may be in store are completely dwarfed by the horrors wreaked upon the planet by humanity itself. Western Science, once heralded as the balm of all ills, has been harnessed by profiteers to create drugs which do not heal, seeds which do not regenerate, plastics which do not decompose and fuels whose poisons undermine the very geological cycles upon which the human, plant and animal life depend.

Humanity has set itself up either to break down or break through.

It’s time to acknowledge that the USA is suffering from a profound soul-sickness. I mean this neither as rhetoric nor as mere metaphor. We must accept that America is gravely and epically ill if we are to begin the only possible treatment: a shift in consciousness.”1


It pains my heart to watch such a beautiful world cave in on itself. In the U.S., problems and diseases continue to build with no foreseeable end in sight. The opiate addiction is out of control, obesity is only rising, and a pervasive sense of anger has morphed into senseless gun violence.

But there are more insidious wrongdoings too—the sexual assaults on campuses, the casual swipes on tinder with people desperately trying to make connections, all while sexual abuse is lurking behind the walls of homes in your community. And somehow, pain is the crux of it all.

Depression and anxiety are the modern buzzwords taking the blame affecting over 40 million Americans. People are clambering into physician’s offices, waiting for their diagnosis, because they’re plagued by these awful feelings that come on for no reason, very much out of the blue. A tiny voice reminds them that something is wrong, but, when they finally make a trip to the specialist, the tests are inconclusive. Their body aches come and go, but they’re not bad enough to warrant physical therapy. Besides, we’ve been conditioned to think that physical therapy is for older people or the severely injured.

We haven’t taken the time to understand that our personal energy field has created all this havoc. So, instead, we just shift the axis of our human frame to compensate until the next new pain arises somewhere different—day after day, piling the pain on more and more. Pill after pill makes its way down your throat, momentarily doing the trick, but it only leaves you feeling lethargic and uninspired.  Is happiness even in the cards? Is life worth living? What can we possibly do?

We need a spiritual healthcare revolution. We need to find our health in our soul.

For 12 years, I’ve specialized in treating chronic pain as a physical therapist at Centripetal Force Studio, using a preventative approach mixing physical and energetic therapy. I’ve been busy stirring a recipe with thoughts and hopes of finding a cure for cancer, giving freedom to addiction, and advocating for Autism. In my amateur research, I’ve observed many different mindsets—mentalities that heal and others that don’t. The people that “find the light” are the ones that are able to change their lives. Other people choose to endure each shitty day as if they have no other choice.

It’s time that we find a new model for human existence. Our soullessness has caught up with us, and there is no turning back. The only option is to continue forward, but on a very different path. The collective conscious as a whole is suffering from spiritual immaturity. We must cut through those buried emotions, festering scars, and menacing shadows to free our souls of the disgust, hate, and rage living inside.

It’s only then when we will feel and see society change.

However, the only way it’s going to happen is if you begin to take care of and, start healing, yourself. Western medicine has evolved into the gold standard of medical care. The creation of profitable drugs and the suppression of alternative methods has wedged us into our current, over diagnosed, situation. Medicine has its place, but not when it’s creating a nationwide epidemic. Especially when you take into consideration the suppressed anger that’s become intertwined in our DNA from generation to generation, consuming us from the inside out. When you combine these two our only hope for recovering is found in ourselves.

Energy Medicine has yet to befriend the healthcare industry, and it baffles me since the energy body has a higher awareness and heals so quickly. Our energy field invisibly surrounds us, projecting about three and a half feet from our core. What’s more, it’s relatively simple to feel the energetic layer.

Lay down and close your eyes for a moment—who cares if you feel stupid? You’ll feel way worse when a doctor slaps a debilitating diagnosis over your head. But even then, with pamphlets in hand, we shy away from the truth. We think poison that’s placed in a plastic bottle is going to heal us. Instead, all these colored pills just throws our body further into the disease pool.

A diagnosis is a universal sign screaming at you to look a little closer at your personal life choices. It’s an invitation to embark on an internal journey in order to seek and uncover the pain that wraps around your soul. Yes, it’s scary, but imagine the freedom you’ll feel once you reach the other side!

You finally won’t care about anyone’s perception of you because joy will consume your heart, you’ll love your life, and you won’t have a minute to gossip about anyone. Why? Because it truly has no relevance in your life. You’ll discover a power that you never knew resided within until you reach down to your innermost part and unravel the confusion.

You’re not going to reach a healthy life just from the medical end because the ways in which doctors treat pain is just by bandaging the wounds, instead of healing them.

We need to peel back the generational layers and heal ourselves. Acknowledge how we feel and stop the numbing. We are just too far away from what’s right.


1Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer’s View of America by Jessica Murray