New Thought Pattern

He smokes weed every day. He drinks just to add a little more feeling. He’s as open hearted as they come. He will walk your dog for you. He will give you his sweatshirt if you’re cold. He works lateral, dead end jobs. He gets pissed at unfairness. He lives with his parents. He feels like a loser, just as society says he should.

Choose to see things others don’t see —Patch Adams

I see him, this kid with such a pure heart. He’s trying to process an overwhelmingly large amount of energy that keeps pouring in through his crown chakra. His energetic field is wide open, but, since he’s never been educated about what the energy body actually is, negative vibes invade his space. These patterns of darkness keep chipping away at his light and happiness, and, eventually, these negative beings won. They won because he never learned how to brace himself against the continual onslaught of emotions. And with the eventual breakdown of his spirit, he became inflicted with psoriasis in elementary school.

Psoriasis—a dry scaly skin condition, began to coat his body roughly around the time a stranger invaded his body. This trauma left behind a blanket of darkness, which I would call the invisible wound. As time progressed, the aftermath of his internal pain and suffering looked like a skin condition that mysteriously appeared and continued to worsen with stress.

As the pain continued to overtake his body and soul, he eventually found his way to see me. We began to delve into his past, and he revealed the invisible wound he’d tried so hard to forget. As we explored this pain, I helped him rewrite the painful experience, which ultimately enabled him to move forward with his life and health.

But why, you may ask, did he never tell anyone earlier? Was it because he was too ashamed? Was he scared what everyone else would think? No, it’s quite opposite. He felt sorrow for this violator. This kid is smart; he’s able to see right through you, uncovering your darkness and light. He’s able to see what we refuse to talk about, what we can only vaguely sense yet not be entirely sure of. He knows when you’re lying or moving to do harm. Sure, he won’t trust you, but he also won’t call you on it.

Our society was made for our souls, not for his and the thousands of others who are identified as Highly Sensitive People. Did you realize that 15 to 20 percent of our population struggles with HSP traits? These people don’t have the tools to process all of the incoming energy, and no one has given them the ‘manual for life’ that’s been ingrained in our system since birth. Those with HSP still operate from a higher vibrating dimension they left not too long —messengers sent here to pull at our heart strings. They are here for us to understand them. So, we need to take a moment and listen to their world.

They are bleeding hearts in this hateful world. We’ve chewed them up and spit them out over and over. They want us to see through a different lens, one that makes us look at our own shadows, our own darkness within, instead of projecting it onto them. Once we do this, we will be able to help them feel and see clearer.

My hope is that this will become the new thought pattern. It’s a pattern that exudes acceptance and acknowledges that everyone deserves the very best in life. It’s time for everyone to love and approve of themselves, no matter if they ‘fit in’ or not. It’s time for a real change.


Xx- g.