I’ve Witnessed A Miracle

A client of mine suffered from a digestive autoimmune disorder leaving her in intermittent excruciating abdominal pain. She came to me after several unsuccessful treatments from various practitioners ranging from traditional to complementary medicine. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to treat her, but I knew it had to be different than what she had already done in order to be effective.  I dove right in to my Energy Medicine toolbox.

We met once a week to discuss the patterns, the inherent purpose, and the spiritual lessons in her pain. She was an impressive student, journaling her innermost feelings while drawing profound connections to her illness. She cut old tethered cords and tied up loose ends in her life.  I saw that the more she opened to receive in tandem with the amount I gave kept a continual momentum of healing energy for her.  Key being: RECEIVE.

After approximately thirty treatment hours in our spiritual journey she had THE moment.  This time it was the worst…she was rushed to the hospital doubled over in unbearable abdominal pain. Doctors advised emergency surgery the following morning to remove an obstruction in her digestive tract.

That night, the surgeon stopped by her room to check on her. The heavy medication eased her pain and when he palpated her abdomen, he could still feel the mass.

“See you early in the morning for surgery.”, he said. She was eager to be out of pain.

She struggled sleeping that night in the hospital and found herself connecting to a much higher source. This wasn’t a new experience for her as she always had a close relationship with Jesus, yet this time it was different. That night she felt a beautiful presence and heard a powerful voice clearly relaying a message, “This is not what’s supposed to happen.  Go home.” Unlike many other messages she received during her healing journey and her life in general, she listened. She got this memo loud and clear.

In the morning her young child walked into the room and said, “Mommy, can we go home please?” She shied away from answering, but she knew in her gut it was time to go.

Soon after her family arrived the doctor walked in to check her one last time before surgery. He palpated all four quadrants of her abdomen searching for the mass. He was perplexed. “Wait, where did it go? What happened?” He said. It was in that moment she knew she had a special visit. She looked at her child, “Time to go home, sweetie.”

The mass had vanished.

Miracles do happen…if we allow them. Are you looking? Do you believe? Or do you think you’re the only one who guides your life? Think twice. I saw it. A mass completely abolished within hours. She opened her heart to trust the path to mend her wounds. She struggled and worked through the psycho-spiritual lessons, but the pain associated in the healing didn’t even compare to the pain she endured everyday since the trauma.

Spiritual Healthcare is the missing link to cure illness and disease. Medication serves its purpose, yet we are in a crucial crux with healthcare to empower ourselves as human beings. The truth is my client had a painful traumatic story wrapped in her belly proving there is an undeniable coil connecting the physical and energetic/emotional body. That day I was truly grateful and blessed to be a witness. Emotional Pain Chart

At Centripetal Force Studio and Empowered Health Foundation, we believe that unraveling the tight cords within your body through centering movements and clearing your mind of stress and trapped emotions can free your body of pain.


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**Story has been slightly altered for privacy**