It’s Easier to Die than Change

I’ve studied with Caroline Myss since 2007. She’s a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine, something she also terms ‘Energy Anatomy’. I’ve learned the language of archetypes, which has helped me understand energetic exchanges we have with people—some good and some not so great. And what I’ve learned both from my studies and my experience treating clients, that it’s where the depletion of energy occurs that we find ourselves in chronic pain, illness or disease. Our stuck or undigested emotions manifest into much bigger problems if we don’t express our deepest truth and come to know our highest potential.

I learned archetypes from completing a two-year Sacred Contracts course. It was intense and heavy at times, but it allowed me to breakthrough my old self to emerge the one I’m meant to be: a powerful Healer, one that truly sees a person’s soul and the struggles they are facing in particular connection to their physical body.

Before Caroline became a NY Times Best Selling author she did Medical Intuitive readings, which is another name for reading someone’s energy to give them insight into their physical body. People highly sought after her to know why they were sick. In her book, my personal fave, Anatomy of The Spirit she has numerous stories of “miraculous” healings. Each story taught me we carry the power to heal ourselves—the catch being— IF we want to.

At Caroline’s 2005 book tour for Sacred Contracts someone in the audience asked her why she doesn’t do her Medical Intuitive readings anymore. Her answer has always stuck with me and I’ve proven it true after a decade of working with people. “It’s easier to die than it is to change.” Isn’t that powerful? Think about it. It means…

>leaving your marriage

>coming out about your sexual orientation

>quitting your 20 year career

>letting go of your anger with God

>unresolved grief

The list goes on, but try to understand the difficulty of someone telling you in order to be breast cancer free you need to leave your career; the very thing you studied in college that pays for your lifestyle? Read Kitty’s personal story at Empowered Health Foundation.

As Joseph Campbell quoted, “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Yes, sometimes you have to leave it, but what we’ve got to understand is that the Universal Energy is always on our side to better our lives. Always.



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