Give A Damn

Breathe! Cast Off the Burdens of Your Past

“I can’t do this anymore.” Or “I can’t survive like this any longer,” echoes in so many people walking through my door at the studio right now. More and more people are in need of an urgent shift — course correction in life, family and work. They are seeing their pain surfacing in their children. I’ve been there. This pain, I intuitively know on a personal and professional level. I keep finding at the end of each session, I want to keep my clients on the table longer as the deep wounds and secrets are surfacing. This intense work of uprooting the invisible wounds of the past buried in the body needs more time to unravel in a safe space. And, what we could do in 10 weeks I needed to push into 4-6 hours so people could breathe again. The weight of life is heavy especially on the chest and back. Frozen in time. Stuck. Lost. Trapped. These feelings are common to surviving a trauma. In an intensive session, we free you of the past burdens draining your energy in the present. Because I Give a Damn, I added this new service of a Healing Intensive for individuals and families in need of renewal this Fall. I urge you to Give a Damnand come into Centripetal Force Studio or share this news with someone you think needs it.

These 4-to-6 hour sessions that I call a Healing Intensive have brought about the kind of transformations you could see with your naked eye. You can see the lightness in their eyes, their face, their voice and the way they walk and talk. It’s phenomenal.  The panic attacks cease. The insomnia turns to restorative sleep. The depression turns to alive, boldness. The chronic pain is eradicated. The Healing Intensive is about turning off the threat signal in your body that turned on when you survived abuse, neglect, loss and betrayal. Time and time again, we unveil the roots of generational trauma. Denise Carson, the body journalist at the studio, collaborates with me to guide you in life review to find the story behind your pain. Together, we develop the root story map like a family tree so that you can see the origins of your repeating trauma. It is common to hear the realization – it’s not my fault. This did not start with me.But, I have the power to end it. We return a feeling of safe and calm so that you can inhabit your body again. It feels like laboring a rebirth or at least a manual reset. You reclaim your body from the past trauma. Your body is your foundation. The Healing Intensive is tailored for you. We start with a two-hour evaluation and then we decide together on a 4-to-6 hour intensive. This is truly a shift in your body that transmits healing from the inside out to revive your life, family and work.

Make an appointment with me, Gina Calderone, Physical and Energetic Therapist, and Denise Carson, Body Journalist, at Centripetal Force Studio.