2020 Vision- S.O.S.

Happy New Year Friends!

I am searching for a strong partner and a community to seed our Vision for 2020 that will propel a new future for health care. This vision is rooted in 15 years of experience in Physical and Energetic Therapy transforming pain into power for hundreds of individuals, families and children at Centripetal Force Studio in Southern California. My practice focuses on uncovering the emotional and generational root of chronic pain, addiction, cancer, ADD/ADHD, autism, and mental disorders including depression, anxiety and insomnia to free people of their afflictions. The root is unresolved trauma and grief stored in the body. The opioid crisis revealed that a pill to numb the pain is not only failing, but killing us. We are in urgent need of a course-correction – a rescue mission. As 2020 arrives, we are asking for investment and partnerships at the local and national level. We have to change the way we do physical medicine and rehabilitation. We have to work with the body not numb its symptoms.

Our Empowered Health Foundationis focused on trauma recovery – healing the effects of trauma in the body in early, mid and late-life. We have incubated, developed and matured to the point of now needing a home to reach more individuals, families and communities. In this Empowered Health Center, we intend to research Physical + Energetic Therapy and design programs to be implemented in schools, universities, hospitals, correctional and substance abuse facilities.I had an influx of people suffering from trauma and addiction walk into my life this year. The pain was so deep and heavy that their bodies needed immediate resuscitation. Pain is a signal of the body in crisis. The signals from past trauma also known as pain signals set off a chain reaction in the musculoskeletal system to protect itself. The body pulls inward forming a constant freeze or fetal stance that I’ve identified as the trauma posture. The biomechanics of the trauma in the body vary but the most prevalent is the shoulders round forward, rib cage slides back and the hips tuck inward to protect the core of the body where the internal organs reside. These misalignments disrupt the systems of the body that maintain physical health and mental health.

Kaiser Permanente and the CDC in the mid-1990s, laid the foundation for identifying past trauma as a high risk factor for addiction, obesity, cancer, chronic pain, skeletal fractures, heart disease and diabetes in more than 17,000 patients who took a survey that identified their Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACEs) score. The ACEs are defined as neglect, physical or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, absence of a parent through divorce or early death, a parent with a substance abuse problem or mental illness, or a family member who has been incarcerated. The most recent ACEs study published in the November 2018 JAMA involved 214,157 participants across the county. The study found that childhood trauma is a public health problem with 3 out 5 adults who scored at least one ACE and one quarter of Americans have three or more. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, pediatric physician, is leading the charge on identifying ACEs in children and families. She was recently appointed to the first Surgeon General in California. And, Gov. Gavin Newsome recently proposed 45 million to screening Medi-Cal patients for the ACEs in 2020. With this in mind, solutions for people with ACEs are needed.

My team in the Empowered Health Foundation can reverse the long-term effects of the ACEs in the body at any life stage. The prescription is physical and energetic therapy involving soft-tissue mobilization techniques to release the holding patterns and memories that in turn lower the volume on the threat signals catalyzing the pain, disease and mental disorders. The method involves detective work to align the timeline of life experiences with the timeline of pain and disease to uncover the root story. We guide them to reintegrate the memories involving changing their body reaction to the trauma. When the body feels safe again, we activate the core muscles plugging them back into their source of power, essentially lost during the trauma. This year through our early-life program, Projectbraincore, we trained social workers in Green Dot Schools in East Los Angeles, on physical and energetic therapy to help their students with ACEs heal and thrive. With investment, we can reach more students and families.

At the Empowered Health Foundation, we have a three-tiered focus on early-life detection/ prevention – PROJECTbraincore, mid-life and family-centered program – Reconnection, and life-threatening/late-life – Transcendence, to heal the manifestations of unresolved trauma and toxic grief in the body over lifetimes. We will house these programs in the Empowered Health Center and the Healing House, an in-patient treatment home focused on trauma recovery and healing multiple generations so that individuals don’t pass on open wounds to the next generation.There is a S.O.S. signal of unresolved trauma and grief transmitting through families, healthcare, schools and justice systems. Some say S.O.S. stands for Save Our Souls, others say it’s an unnamed distress signal. Either way, it’s time we listen to the signals our bodies are sending instead of silencing them.

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Cheers to a transformational year and decade!

Xx- g.