2016 Is THE Year

I’m calling it: 2016 is going to be the year – my personal year to shine. I’ve waited forty years to say that and it feels just as good as I imagined.

Now – hold up – don’t think I’m full of myself. I’ve been sitting in that dormant place for decades. I’m crossing the line and taking a leap of faith into an unchartered territory; utter confidence with why I’m here and what I’m here to do. And, in my case, it’s to speak about what I’ve learned.

I’ve done my work and I’ve most certainly earned this horizon of joy I’m entering. It’s been years of showing up on time, following through on responsibility’s, taking the backseat to other’s egos, with a half-hearted smile, countless hours of dissecting the human psyche and, lastly, observing the energetic play-outs between people. And not to mention, the insurmountable investment of time, money, and energy.

But now it makes sense. I can finally rest, kind of. I can rest my mind and find assurance in my sought out answer to the cloudy message I’ve been trying to decode since I was a young child.

My vision for a new frontier of the healthcare journey will finally be born.

It came to me in a dream. What you ask? Honestly it’s not a “what” but a “who.” To answer your question I suppose it was Angels, at least that’s the only thing I can compare them to. I couldn’t necessarily see them, but I could hear them while I was sleeping. It sounded as though it were an echo coming from another realm. I heard what sounded like a boardroom of men talking about the future of healthcare and what we, as humans, needed to exist.

You may be thinking, now Gina, did you REALLY hear this? And yes, I heard it, or really, I felt it. I’ve been bursting to share these gifts, these insights my otherworldly guides gave me because it has to do with all of humanity. It relates to our existence here on Earth and how we’re forgetting an integral part of the human journey – our interaction with the soul. These matured voices gave me a recipe for the tonic and remedies that could heal the human spirit.

The answer is Centripetal Force Studio (CF) and it became clear to me that it was going to bring a new energy to physical therapy. By identifying the root of the problem they gave me the elixir for pain. It’s imperative that we clear energetic patterns that are subconsciously guide us through life leaving us physically stuck, energetically depleted, mentally spinning, and emotionally shut down. I was to start a non-profit organization, Empowered Health Foundation (EHF) that would connect the human body on an emotional and physical level throughout early, mid and late life.

My guides emphasized the importance of getting clients through the door, even if for an hour, to begin the cleansing of emotional wounds that had been building for generations. We need to clear the decades of pain that our ancestors have handed down to our grandparents, parents and finally us. It’s critical that we break this cycle of hurt and parent our children differently. Addressing our emotions and connecting us back to the center of life with a purpose and passion will begin the slow process of healing and recovery. And from this, a new reason to live will flourish!

I believe this will cut down on our diagnoses of anxiety and depression and the loads of meds that accompany them. This overall vision can support people emotionally so they can perhaps break free from an addiction. And maybe, once freedom is found, we’ll all sleep better at night, minus the sleep aides. We’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Can you imagine such a thing? I can.

My guides told me to finish out the plans for both CF Studio & EHF through my own imagination and that the cosmos would bring it to fruition.

I’ve spent and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to this calling. My marriage has gone through sacrifices, days of heartache, just trying to push through to make this happen. And now I understand and know that it’s time to let the reigns go. I have to because I’ve stepped into a whole new arena of faith. I have to trust those guides and God. A long time ago I heard this call as it tugged upon my spirit and today I’m becoming firmer in my confidence. I’m able to spell it right here, on this blog, that my time has come.

I believe Empowered Health Foundation will become the new frontier of medicine. It’ll redefine a whole new healthcare journey rooted in one’s soul, from childhood to the end of life. Everyday, with every person I meet, my vision becomes clearer. It’s not just this foggy haze drifting in my head that I’ve felt for most of my life. In my days and moments of meditation, I hear those guiding voices telling me to “Relax and take a break” because honestly I need it and my body craves it.

Lo and behold, looking back on 2015, I have taken a break, a big one! I took a seven- month hiatus to focus on a renewal of energy for myself, for my family, and to muster the strength to complete this entire project. I crossed the finish line with the content and I’m ready to pioneer the vision. The next step doesn’t involve me – it’ll now incorporate the mysterious key players who have a centered heart and resources to make the vision come alive!  I know I don’t have to work so hard now; I just need to show up and continue doing what I know. It’ll be easy and I know, deep within me, that I’m about to have even more fun with it! It’s a new state of mind since my focus, drive, and serious attitude put me in this blessed place to begin with and I am ready!

I know educational videos are in my future and public speaking engagements to educate alternative treatment protocols for cancer and attention deficit disorders involving the energetic body while reframing end of life care. I’m going to be busy, but another thing I learned this year is the necessity to delegate. I know I can’t accomplish this vision on my own so I have to step back and allow people in, those that are destined to be by my side.

If you’re ready to start your own journey in 2016, here’s a helpful hint – turn off the static, whatever that may be in your life. One day I decided to do just that and look what happened! I just shut off the television and the ceaseless chatter that was providing everything short of fulfillment. I picked up a book, I started writing and the dreams started flowing. For the first time in my life, I could hear my own thoughts. My inner voice had been trying to tell me something for years and in the silence I could finally hear it!

“You have a gift, an amazing power to heal people,” this voice whispered to my consciousness. It felt like I had been chosen. At first I was hesitant, “Me?” I thought. But why not me? Shoot, I’ve been busting my ass my whole life for this opportunity to help others and step into my gift. I’m not playing down any part of it. I’m going all the way.

I have the missing link to heal cancer; the spiritual component. I can’t stand to see people struggling with attention deficit disorders and being treated with medications when all they need is energetic alignment. And we must fulfill this deep void to heal our families’ wounds. Let’s put our emotions or lack there of out on the table and alleviate the pain. Let’s recover from the heartache and despair and rebuild so our parents can transcend freely and leave us with a legacy of love and peace.

I’m bringing this mind frame into 2016 and I am fired up. I’ve got a team that is true to heart. Healing is what we do and together, we are trying to make it accessible to you, I promise. Have a Happy New Year and I look forward to bringing you along my 2016 journey!

Cheers to health,