When You Know Your Origin Story, Your Superhuman Power Will Rise

What is your origin story? When you know your origin story, your superhuman power will rise to meet you. There is power in turning over the secrets and wounds of your past. You just need the right excavating tools – curiosity, courage, wisdom and movement. I feel your resistance and I understand it both personally and professionally. As a physical and energetic therapist, I have healed hundreds of individuals and their families. Without a shadow of a doubt, I know in your wounds are your greatest gifts –superhuman powers. But, if you are feeling powerless or stuck, you may need a jolt. When you look back at everything you have achieved and failed at, take responsibility for every action and reaction. Feel the power in that exercise surge within you. You become the hero of your own life, the protagonist, the leading lady or man with purpose. Your power will overflow vibrating and pulsing into every cell of your body.

It is time to move out of the mundane and into the momentum of the life you were born to live. You may have inherited or acquired superior athleticism, empathy – ability to feel others’ emotions, artistic or music genius, mathematic intellect, knack to inspire and lead multitudes, photographic memory, capacity to envision the future, unconditional ability to love and be kind to those in need, vision to invent the technologies and medical breakthroughs to heal and evolve the human race.  What is your superhuman power? Some of us are born with sensitivities that feel like limitations but if we learn to harness the sensitivities they become powers.

I know it is easy to fall prey to being a victim in your life, or the supporting role in your own story. Pain, anxiety or disease is your calling to change. It is normal to play the old tapes of your past over and over to explain why things are the way they are. These personal myths, we develop in childhood and early adulthood to survive the rapid changes occurring within and around us. These are myths not your origin story. This is why addiction often takes root at this stage of life when we are moving from a child to young adult because the chaos, growing pains and sensitivities need order. Addiction and perfectionism in whatever form provides a ritual to order and hide the chaos within. But these experiences, all of them good and bad, have shaped who you are and who you are becoming. At some point the addictions to cover up the chaos, traumas, flaws and secrets of the past are limiting your power. You are fighting with yourself and draining your own energy. Healing the past stored in your body unleashes your superhuman power to help and heal others.

I am also going to ask you to take a step back even further than your own life to lift the remains of your ancestors living on in you. Summon the powers of all who have lived and triumphed at life before you. You may need to do a little reflection and review with your surviving family members to find your origin story. But I assure you that the time will be a good investment. You will start to feel the momentum of their lives in your life. You can see where this momentum is taking you. If it is somewhere you don’t want to go, then it is time to lean toward where you do want to go. I can be your wise guide in finding the compass. Energy is power. Energy is emotions and motion in the body. Moving your body is one way to start shaking free of the stagnant energy stored in your body. Stomp your bare feet on the ground outside on the grass or sand at the beach. Shake your hands vigorously feeling the kinetic energy surge around you. Go for walk in nature and sync up with its rhythms.

Join us for the Uprising under the canopy of redwoods atop the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the Wayfarer’s Chapel – a healing sanctuary to go through movement and a guided meditation to uncover your origin story on Tuesday, May 7thfrom 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

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