What Makes You Wilt?

My son wrote this at the beginning of his first grade year. His teacher does such a great job getting the children to connect with themselves with an activity such as the one I posted. When I read this I wilted!, because I know how much my son struggles inside trying to fit in and connect to others when he’s truly such a kind soul. He’s always smiling and would never hurt another human being. He was naturally the magnet for the bully. We dealt with the pain of watching him #findhispath. We put him in karate, baseball, football, basketball and drum lessons- all trying to help him channel some inner strength, not aggression. It’s a tough battle because we usually hear the “toughen up” mentality and it was a challenge, but we are doing it. My husband and I are good advocates for him and learned the fine line to observe the struggle. It’s our natural instinct to be mama bear and protect our littles, but to do so for all the right reasons. We can ruin our children by our own aggression, by thinking we are doing something good for our kids.


Be careful.

I’m happy to say that time has made things more at ease for us and our sweet boy (heck they’re all sweet). We just have to constantly bring them back home to a heart full of love. To see these little, tender boys for who they really are- don’t let them grow up too fast or give in to the peer pressure to be so cool. The pressure will continue to build and pull them further and further away from their center and by 13 or 14 years old, they are fighting the two: 1) Should I put on the armour and jump into my ego, or  2) shut down and be a disconnected teenager? They aren’t really stopping to analyze the paths, it’s just what they fall into. And by 16 or 17 years old they may cave to drugs and alcohol for a false sense of strength. It gives them courage to keep holding up that persona when deep down it’s a lie.

Our boys are dying to be seen as tender, loving individuals who are just not aggressive, but our society creates conflict with calling them wimps.


Help your kids, #advocate for them. Teach them it’s okay to be kind and love with your heart. You are not weak, you are smart! You’ve got the key to life.


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