What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Dear Friends,

In your wound is your greatest gift – your life’s purpose.  2019 is your time to rise!

You may have been to doctor after doctor, cycled through med after med, sleep aids, feel-happy aids, traditional physical therapy, alternative therapies, and yet the pain is intensifying. Some might even say it’s in your mind. The source of the pain may not be radiating on an MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, endoscopy, or touched in a physical exam. This wound is invisible. You have something to learn from your pain. Your health crisis – a buried story in your body – brought you here.

Exploring the root of your pain – your body story – will lead you back to health. Pain is a signal that notifies you of a problem in your body and life. We have become so use to numbing the pain that we have dulled or turned off our signaling system. It’s like living in a house with smoke detectors switched off. What is the voice inside you repeatedly saying? Something has to change. I’ve hit a wall.I can’t do this anymore

Numbing this pain is separating you from your higher purpose and nearing you closer to a life-altering disease. This numbing can be over-the-counter or prescription medications, opioids, street drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sugar – cookies and cakes, television and media, abusive relationships, pornography, shopping or anything that you reach for to take the edge off your current reality. Whatever your drug of choice is, by numbing the signals of pain, grief, anger, guilt, fear, or shame, you are stuffing and depositing emotional trauma and physical trauma deeper into your body. Eventually, your crisis signal spins into a visible wound, a louder diagnosis. It may already be puzzling chronic pain, addiction, an unexplained disease such as cancer, or a startling autoimmune disorder.

Unraveling the wound, facing and moving through the buried trauma will empower us with the stamina, courage and energy to overcome and achieve literally anything we can conceive of and more. All the energy and vitality that we need is vibrating within us. Many of us are wasting it on trying to keep our wounds from surfacing, until eventually our bodies and minds become a trauma wasteland. Pain is your calling for change. It is time to rise. It is time to heal the physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and generational pain in your life.

Make an appointment with Gina Calderone, MPT, the Physical and Energetic Therapist, and Denise Carson, MS, the Body Journalist, to find the emotional roots of pain – your body story. The journey is like swimming in the fountain of youth as you release old wounds and thrive again.


Body Scan

The time has come to clear the waste and wounds from your body. Numbing disconnects the mind and the body. One of the best ways to reconnect is to bring consciousness back into the body, essentially wake up the body from the numbing coma, through an easy exercise called a body scan.

You can do your own body scan. Take a moment to sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes and feel into your body. You can begin to feel that your body has it’s own rhythm that is different from your mind. You can feel your breath move through your body like a breeze. You may feel your heart beating. With your eyes close begin to tune into your body like visiting stations within. Sense the feeling in your head, the station between your ears. You may feel tension that is throbbing, stabbing or pressure. As you move from your head to your jaw, you may recognize there is pressure and tingling. Move to your neck, upper back, shoulders and chest station. And then make a mental note where there is pain or pressure. As you move into your core, solar plexus and pelvic region and lower back recognize any unease or tension as you focus your consciousness on these areas of your body. And move down into your hips, legs, knees, then down to the feet and finally the toes, taking note of how you feel at each station. You can feel the pain from within. This exercise helps you tune into where the root of your pain lives in the body. This is a quick exercise that you can do each day as you begin to become more connected to your body.