What is Energy Anatomy?

“Energy Anatomy is where the human body encodes thought, converts it into matter and stores it as energy within specific areas of the body.” 

–Caroline Myss

Let’s take a mental thought, “I’m stupid.” If I keep thinking I’m stupid sooner or later I will start to believe it. That belief will begin to anchor itself into the tissue and become a stress point signaling to the human body, “Danger.” The vibration is low and any sort of negative emotions will contribute to the low energy frequency and eventually begin to ball itself up into matter. We typically can’t see this sphere of energy on an X-ray or an MRI.  Well, not yet anyway.  We just know we feel unworthy and inadequate. We taught ourselves to believe that no matter how hard we work it’ll still be an unfocused and frazzled effort because we’re “stupid” remember? Or perhaps we bought into the belief to not even try because success is for others people, not us. We are stupid. Understand my point? Feel the vibration of the emotion?

One day, you wake up with a vague pain in your back. You think to yourself, “well, that’s new.” It’s intermittent and puzzles you because it came out of nowhere. You don’t remember any specific injury; your desk, car seat and mattress are all the same. You take a pain reliever and it comes back. You stretch your back, it returns. What gives?

In the world of Energy Anatomy, it’s a knot in the middle of your back and it’s named, “Stupid.” The pain is dull and extends across your back at the line of your kidneys. This area’s also known as the third energy center (chakra). Your energy field is out of balance. The vibes are unhealthy.

Let’s shift this pain.

Sit down. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in your nose, hold for five seconds and let it out through your mouth. Think of a bright electric violet ray of energy. Shine it like a ring along the line of your stomach, liver and pancreas all the way around to your middle back. Repeat, “I am enough” with a long breath in between. Interchange your affirmations with “I am smart” or “I am thoughtful.” Any feelings that arise, just let them go. Redirect yourself on the positive path. Our energy body is leaps ahead of the physical body. You can turn your vibration around so quickly. Trust it. There’s freedom there.