Wash Off the Day

Do you work with people all day? Have an argument with someone? Feeling down and  just wiped by the end of the day? You need to wash the negative juju right off your body! We come across so many people everyday in our lives and some are more sensitive to others “stuff” they are carrying. We may absorb it and walk around operating off of someone else’s energy, so by the end of the day we have totally strayed away from our center. We’ve lost who we really are. We are kind, compassionate, loving human beings that are hardwired to help others. So let’s start with a simple ritual to take care of your energy and bring back your vitality.

-A Salt Bath-

Salt is one of the purest substances on earth. Negativity cannot adhere to salt, so it’s an ideal cleanser. This detox bath can also make you a little sleepy, so try it before bedtime. Anywhere from 10-40 minutes, however 20 minutes may just be perfect. Try this… SALT DETOX BATH RECIPE

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