Unfinished Family Business Stores in the Body’s DNA

In your family history, do you have cancer, addiction, heart disease, diabetes and/or autoimmune disorders? Let’s explore your family tree to find the emotional roots of these diseases. You can heal the unfinished business and over time rebalance your body to prevent these diseases from reaching you and your children. In my 15 years of experience as a physical and energetic therapist treating adults, children and families has opened my eyes to the generational wounds that are passed down in the body. These pain chains are like family curses that bound the body generation after generation. But these traumatic legacies can stop with you. Our bodies are the burial grounds of our ancestors’ unresolved trauma and grief. We must excavate the roots of war, rape, murder, domestic warzones, racial injustices, and childhood neglect and abuse. Their memories are already stored in our bodies triggered by certain stimuli that activate our survival mode—fight-flight-freeze. You may have your grandmother’s hazel eyes, but you may be unaware that the rape and war atrocities she survived continue to reenact in you. Your body may go into a freeze stance if and when you feel similar danger. This of course makes you even more susceptible to predators and that violence repeating itself. When we don’t know the root of this underlying fear paralysis then we are puzzled by the haunting addiction, depression, insomnia, anxiety, exhaustion, chronic pain and disease. At Centripetal Force Studio, we guide you to connect the physical sensations of trauma with the memories of trauma stored in your body to end the cycle.

Our maternal and paternal lines collide with these inherited traumas in the double helix strands of our DNA. A new field of genetics known as epigenetics confirms what I have already been seeing that trauma can be inherited. Epigenetics explores how inherited trauma can alter the gene expression in the DNA. Just a quick note on DNA—it is like the blueprint our cells use to design and orchestrate the biological systems and biomechanics of our body. That blueprint can be altered by trauma and that alteration can be passed on from generation to generation causing toxic diseases such as cancer, addiction, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders. If we unravel the emotional and generational root of these traumas then we can clear the blueprint, so to speak. Clear the unfinished business. Epigenetic studies have involved Holocaust survivors and their descendants, pregnant mothers who survived 9/11 and their children, and most recently the study released last October on the descendants of Civil War POWs.

Epigenetics aside, we already know from the landmark Adverse Childhood Experiences studythat childhood neglect and abuse is a high risk factor for the most life-threating diseases in America including cancer and heart disease. And, we know that these diseases can be inherited.

Time and time again, I’ve seen generations of clients for example the grandmother silenced and suffered a sexual assault, only to see it violently repeated in her daughter facing pelvic cancer while her granddaughter is battling an unexplained lower abdomen pain and a puzzling phobia about spending the night away from home. Of course, the gastroenterologist that the granddaughter is seeing can’t make a diagnosis on the abdomen pain. But we can. It is generational trauma that must be cleared and healed in her body. We can detect and reset the traumatic imbalances in the body. Unfortunately generational trauma is playing out in a big way right now in our children. All of these behavioral disorders with no cause … may not have a cause in this child’s life but there is a root of generational trauma.

Stop. And, look into your children eyes mirroring your past childhood pain. Let’s unweight our bodies and our children’s of the past pain. Make an appointment with Gina Calderone, the Physical and Energetic Therapist, and Denise Carson, the Body Journalist, to find the emotional and generational roots of unfinished business in your family tree. It is time to pass on a new legacy to our children.

Join us at the Uprising Retreat on Tuesday, May 7th from 6:30-8:30pm at Wayfarer’s Chapel in Palos Verdes, Calif. We will guide you to connect the physical sensations of trauma with the memories of trauma stored in your body to end the cycle. Let’s Heal Generational Wounds in The Body.

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