This Is Daniel’s Story

I originally created Empowered Health Foundation to help people find true health from the inside out. Over the past decade I used my expertise as a physical therapist to study my clients with chronic pain. This led me to study the fields of medical intuition and energy medicine. I began to understand where life experience and the soul’s shadows have affected the physical body. Since 2010, I’ve seen a growing need for this type of spiritual healthcare in our medical system. I continued to find people who were open and willing to dissect the spiritual chaos that was intertwined with the diagnosis. I never accepted a dollar, I only asked for their story.

Meet Daniel. He was diagnosed with brain cancer at 27-years-old. He fought the battle for over eleven years, at one point being told he had eighteen months to live.

I want to share with you how desperately we need to heal humanity. We need to seek out the hidden pieces that reside inside a human being. You know, those places where we find ourselves frightened, and we have to find ample courage in order to muster out of those dark places. I believe it’s a requirement of life to extract the darkness that may reside within. We are meant to heal while we are here.

This was so evident when I met Daniel in his seventh year of the struggle. He had been searching for soul health and was brought into my life through a mutual friend. As fate would have it, he would end up teaching me far more, about the invisible wounds associated with cancer and how mental thoughts have the ability to lodge in our spirit, than I thought possible.

Daniel resided in Mexico, so we communicated via Skype and email.  In this time, he was awaiting a second round of chemotherapy since the first had severely damaged his blood. As we began our correspondence it was very evident to me that he had some deep-rooted shadows, specifically stemming from the hypocrisy of his family’s chosen religion along with the culture he grew up in.

He was diagnosed with his brain tumor in January 2005 and underwent surgery. The pathology revealed that it was benign and that he could continue with this life, uninhibited by the burden of cancer. However, in November 2008 it came back, and as Daniel described, “it was angry.”

From getting married for the wrong reasons, to having an affair with his high school sweetheart, to feeble attempts at rectifying his marriage, followed by an endless work addiction, to his inevitable divorce—Daniel had a lot of guilt and anger bottled up inside.

When he received the news, he was informed that he had 18 months left to live. He decided to move back to his home in Mexico, close to his family and childhood friends. What took me by surprise, was how eager to be happy Daniel was. That’s all he truly wanted, was to feel joy and spread joy, but how could he when his religion kept him in constant guilt. Getting divorced was the ultimate sin, whereas adultery was fine…as long as you didn’t get caught. Seriously, wouldn’t your emotions be confused by following such rules? The war within himself was deep, fierce, and personal. But I will say it’s one that many of us have experienced before as well.

Finally, after ten months of online correspondence, Daniel came into my office. I finally had a chance to lay my hands on him. I was able to perform craniosacral therapy on him, and I could feel the overwhelming amounts of energy in his skull. It was overwhelming how he so desperately needed this drained from his body. My intention was to release the energy, and I then I proceeded to fill this space with love. I began to rub his head, and, to me, it was the first time I felt like I performed an energetic surgery. I extracted the invisible wound so his soul could be set free.

About six months before he died he called me out of the blue. I hadn’t worked with him for the past three years and was so shocked it was him, so I answered immediately. He was on a speakerphone sounding like he could barely string words together but he forcefully whispered, “Gina!”

Immediately I smiled and could feel warmness spread across my body; I love hearing from old clients. ” Gina, I wanted to say Hi and Bye.” I hadn’t really caught up on his prognosis from our mutual friend, but by the sounds of his voice he was prepping to leave—my heart instantly knew it. “Bye! Bye!! Take care,” I said as I quickly reviewed all that we’d been through together.

And that was it.

When he entered EHF I assumed he would do the great work with the positive spirit that he’d already been doing, reconnect to his best self, and return back to the life he desired. However, it didn’t work like that at all. He taught me that we prepare ourselves to transcend. He introduced to me a whole new way to die—guilt-free.

As much as my rational mind wanted him to stay here on earth to reconnect and heal, he had other plans. He set forth on his journey, finally empowered to let go of the constraints that had confined him to the self-limiting beliefs our society hold’s dear.

When I guide a person into the shadows of their soul I usually follow it with a ceremony. A place they choose to free themselves; I’m blessed to be a witness.

As Daniel freed himself, Angel’s Landing instantly came to mind—a place in southern Utah that always brought him peace of mind. We never made it to that gorgeous trail in Zion National Park, but I’m most certain he’s now there. He left the weight of his soul here in order for him to finally spread his wings and fly deep into that canyon of peace he always dreamed of.

He is finally free.


Xx- g.