The Year to Feel

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

-Marianne Williamson

For years I’ve been running.

For years I’ve heard a voice saying, “Meditate.”

For years I’ve ignored it.


I can’t deny it any longer. I feel it.

You too can feel it, if you only open up your heart and soul, ready to believe.

The energy makes my hands pulsate, and, in an instant I think of someone—I believe this someone can be referred to as God. Why? Because that’s the communication of the soul. Spiritual dimension speaks in code, whether it is through strangers, animals, experiences, tragedies, or even deaths. This is the highway to your dreams. Just sit and listen to that empty space surrounding your physical body and you will hear the direction. Trust it.

Over the years I continued to go about my days hoping and wishing my dreams would come true despite deeply knowing prayer was the requirement. Frustration and disappointment consistently lodged within my energetic field. So, I dedicated 2016 to movement and broke the physical barriers of fear.

I want to research the wisdom I’ve struggled to ignore; the insight that trickled into my soul and slumberland for 18-months. Drifting in on the wisps of a dream, a dream that I’ve been fighting to avoid. But now I’m stronger, and it’s time for me to give these thoughts and feelings new life.

I want to collaborate with a large insurance company and do a pilot research study.

I want to quantify what I can feel in my energetic space and how it lifts the frequency of my clients.

I want to investigate what we can’t see.

I’ve given myself 40 days to pray to God. I’m giving it all up. All the outcomes I’ve planned in my mind and all the ways I’ve logically pieced my dreams together. Instead, I’m going to let him choose. New people have stepped in as others have stepped out. It feels strange to cut ties with people whom you’ve once had a relationship with, but maybe, just maybe, that’s all it was. It was just a moment in time to spark the inspiration or carry out the courage to pursue a passion. Whatever it was it’s not healthy to keep dragging out what doesn’t work. It depletes our energy and makes it impossible to carry out our light, gift, and dream.

Join me in letting go. Release the past and all that you know to be true. Our ancestors are begging for us to surrender to the pain so, we too, may feel the joy.

Stop spending.

Stop complaining.

Stop arguing.

Stop drinking.

Stop smoking.

Cease all actions that are dragging your soul.

And in that moment of silence, take a breath and believe that your tribe is rooting for you to heal. Feel that heart ache and trust that your foremothers are nurturing and replenishing you so you can finally feel the love you so deserve. Know that under your wounds lies your greatest gifts.

2017 is our year to heal.


I’m here if you need me,