The Energetic Migraine

One day a client walked in who had a long history of migraines. He knew they were spawned from an energetic connection between the physical and spiritual realm and thought Pranic Healing or Craniosacral Therapy would resolve his issue. He had the clarity to sense that something deeper was pounding in his head. As usual in my evaluations, I track a timeline of life experiences and pain, from his earliest memories to the present. Interestingly enough, his root issue started very early in life, before he was even born.  Now, it took awhile to get to this story because he described, as most people tend to do, his present life. And yet, that just wasn’t clicking for me—there had to be more.

This is where it can get tricky. I don’t necessarily want to pry into someone’s life, I just want them to heal. So, many times, we may have to visit painful moments that have been left untouched. As we dove deeper, he discussed his mother’s pregnancy while he was in utero. Her husband, his father, had physically abused her, repeatedly.

And there it was; that was it—the root. His body has wanted him to address this issue an entire lifetime, but, because he kept resisting, a side effect had become chronic headaches.

I immediately pictured a person inside one of those giant human look-a-like hamster balls. While in utero, he had been knocked around – emotionally and spiritually – and had been left helpless, unable to protect his mother or himself.

With all of the physical and emotional movements while in the womb, I could see why my client complained of chronic dizziness with migraines tempered with difficulty breathing. His body would become overheated when he was under physical duress so we began working on deep breathing techniques. The motion of breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth became something that was soothing and not dreaded.

“Ok, so next time you have a headache, I want you to lie down and breathe. I want you to visualize yourself in that moving ball, but this time it stops when you’re standing tall in an upright position. Feel your feet rooted to the ground.

“Keep breathing as you say to yourself, ‘I am safe.’ Repeat it over and over to calm down.

“Now, I want you to spiritually say to your Father, ‘Stop it’ while looking at your mother. Tell her, ‘Mother, you deserve better.’”

In just this small breathing exercise a lot of healing occurred—he’s finally letting his life and destiny take over.

Pain is a warning sign, that there’s danger straight ahead and the only solution is in you. Sometimes the solution may not be so straightforward, such as a spiritual block that’s hidden deep within. But once it’s released you’ll be allowed to push forward and pursue your life’s purpose.

Your body is speaking to you, quiet down so you can listen.