The Afterworld

A world of never ending happiness­. Remember? Prince told us all about it, you can always see the sun day or night.

Often, I think of this heavenly body above and around us. Spirits that are interconnected with no need for protection because nobody is going to harm them. No pain or darkness-––only light. Just a pure intention of love and concern, compassion and empathy, so overpowering it transforms egotism into pure humbleness.

To experience that kind of nirvana, can you imagine?

Why argue with anyone when there’s nothing to be right about, nothing to prove, and zero space for vindication? Instead you hear the message, whispering, “I love you for your heart because you love me for mine.”

But that’s not how our world is. And you may think it is, you may think that your shrink from Beverly Hills, ‘Doctor Everythying’ll-Be-Alright’ will just fix it. Everyone assumes that it will be alright, but even with this help are you really alright? No, we’re trying to reach this otherworldly Nirvana, but putting yourself in a drug filled daze is only numbing your soul, not awakening it and letting it breathe.

Why do you think children are scared of the dark? Because sun provides warmth, it provides love, and ultimately it provides life. As we age we’re taught to suppress our fear of the dark, and we internalize it as doubt and worry. It begins to manifest itself in our souls and we diagnose it as depression, or anxiety, or just plain out weird. We want to free ourselves from this burden but instead we’re just putting on temporary salves, inadvertently causing us to lose sight of the ever-present sun––our spirit.

Instead of numbing your being, embrace the crazy, and punch a hole through this elevator of life. Prince had it right all along––we can’t do it ourselves, we need our friends. We need encouragement to fight for our spirit and use our crazy energy to fuel us to our true potential.

I know that I’ve finally found mine and set myself free.

Will you decide to join me?

Xx- g.