Soul Sleep

Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. -Virginia Woolf

Once you begin to heed the suggestions from our previous post, Sweet Dreams, hopefully you’ll start to feel more physically relaxed. As tranquility begins to settle into your atmosphere, refrain from filling it. Instead of doing more try just “being” because this is what we do—we keep our minds so distracted and over stimulated that by the time we lay down for sleep, those zzz’s suddenly become elusive. We expect our bodies to cooperate and settle down when we haven’t even properly shut ourselves down for the night. We lay there tossing and turning, frustrated as each hour goes by and panicking for how tired we’ll be in the morning, come dawn. So, what’s our solution? Well, we turn to sleeping pills.

You guys, there’s a very real rise in Ambien use. The CDC estimated 50-70 million people have sleep or wakefulness disorder, and in 2011 a staggering 60 million sleeping pill prescriptions were given. These numbers are striking, because they essentially mean that for every adult with a sleep disorder, a doctor is writing a prescription for sleeping pills.

This increase in sleeping pill use just goes to show that we’re desperately looking for a quick fix and ignoring the root cause. Humanity has fallen into the mindset that it’s easier to just take a little pill than change all of our daily habits or, quite honestly, get to the truth for whatever our soul actually desires.

If our answer to finding peace is Ambien, and other pharmaceutical sleep aides, then we’re ultimately cutting off our connection with the supernatural. Our dreams are often an undisguised expression of our soul, and if we aren’t getting sufficient sleep we could be missing a divine life force. A force that’s trying to slip into our life and provide the answers that can ultimately bring us one step closer to happiness.

Next time you get in bed and you’re lying still, don’t get frustrated with the racing thoughts. Embrace it and get up to write down the clutter that’s swirling in your consciousness. What internal work is calling you at this moment? What do you need to communicate and to whom? What truths need to be recognized?

These are important sleep toxins that lay dormant in the back of our minds waiting to be addressed. If we ignore them they slowly become a loud noise that’ll creep up in volume, more ways than one, till we respond to the call.

So, if you want a better sleep, dive a little deeper into your soul.

Xx, g.