Sensitivity Is A Gift, Not A Curse

Sensitivity is a gift, not a curse. The ability to tune into the world around you with heightened senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and feeling others’ emotions, experiences, and moods can be overwhelming. But, if harnessed these sensibilities can be powerful for the individual, family and surrounding community. When we lived in clans in the wild, we needed the sensitive ones to be able to hear the predators before we could see them, smell spoiling meat that could have poisoned the clan, and translate incoming sensations into warning signals for safety on multiple levels. These sensitive ones were like smoke alarms in our house to protect us. But, they also needed protection from the brawn members of the clan because overstimulation could at times make them feel like an exposed nerve. Oh the pain, fear and panic… Although, we have evolved out of the wild, these sensibilities and amplified nervous system responses have continued in humans. In fact, 15 to 20 percentof the population is highly sensitive. Most families have at least one sensitive person often misunderstood by the others. The running critics of the sensitive person often beat the same drum, Why are you so sensitive? Don’t be so sensitive, which lowers self-esteem and aggravates self-doubt that will dull and numb these gifts. Right here, right now, we give you permission to protect the sensitive ones, especially children in our families and communities, knowing in time their gifts will guide and protect you.

These gifted human beings in our midst may have been outcast considered the family’s black sheep or fallen into addictions to numb their amplified pain and anxiety. Often, the highly sensitive person is called the whiner of the family because of overstimulation makes them more vulnerable around crowds, strangers and unfamiliar territory. Highly sensitive persons could be more prone to anxiety, panic and pain because they could feel, sense and absorb rising collective fear, unrest and danger around them. It is time we wake up and stop alienating the highly sensitive folks in our families and communities. Let’s tune in to the highly sensitive persons and provide fertile soil for them to grow. We may also need to realize sometimes they need space to recover and recharge as they are taking in stimulus at a rapid pace.

Our musicians, artists, visionaries and healers have channeled their sensitive abilities to see, listen and translate the human condition with empathy and vision to heal the invisible forces that imprison our bodies and families. They can teach us to soak in nature, beauty, story and art that will deepen our experiences of life. They are an integral part of our family and community system to maintain balance and health that have been alienated for too long. We need to raise them up especially at time when there is ever increasing pain in our bodies, families and communities. Sensitivity is a gift, not curse. Join us for the Uprising Retreat beneath the canopy of redwoods at the Wayfarer’s Chapel on Tuesday, May 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. For more information and register, click here.