Rise Up, Humanity!

Let’s rediscover our humanity and work together as a human race.

We interact with humans every day, yet the humanity behind these interactions is absent. Kindness and goodwill isn’t freely given; our good natured and almost inherent natural benevolence has run dry. We’re essentially in a drought, just a bunch of moving bodies and parts that lack heart and soul.

So this is my message – it’s time to wake up.

This message isn’t just for those who hatefully inflict terror or callously ignore but instead are for all of us who think we’re just living a normal life, free from the crazy stuff going on the world. You and I, we’re educated, we work hard, and we have normal relationships with the “perfect” amount of dysfunction. We have most everything to be thankful for – we take care of our families as best as possible, we try to follow the rules…we are just ordinary Americans, really. What more could be asked from us?

However, have you stopped to realize we can genuinely make the most impact in the world out of millions? How?

Begin to actually talk to your neighbors instead of giving them a half-hearted wave and bustling inside. Go ahead, ask them if you can borrow some sugar. I promise they won’t be annoyed. Pick up your friend’s daughter from school, even when she doesn’t have something crazy going on. Hold a door open for a stranger just because it feels good. Protect children – physically, emotionally, and mentally – even if they’re not yours. Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same?

Let’s go back to allowing our children to walk to school. But remain cognizant of your surroundings; report suspicious activity even if it has nothing to do with you. Get involved within your community. Remember that fall festival you love attending, why not see if they need an extra hand for baked goods this upcoming year? Decorate your home for the holidays because it’s fun and will make other’s smile.

Agree to disagree. A friendly argument is the best argument. Make room for someone at your table. And lastly, model kindness, especially to your children, because they are the future.

These are just a few everyday ways to rekindle the fire of kindness and humanity within you. Once you begin putting in that extra five seconds it’ll become natural and hopefully, someday soon, it will catch on with the rest of the world.

Still need more ideas? Check these out below:

Put a quarter in an expired meter.

Smile at someone not smiling.

Buy someone a coffee just because.

Invite your neighbor to dinner.

Compliment someone.

Clean up your mess.

Give someone the benefit of the doubt.