Regaining Our Freedom On This Day of Red, White, and Blue

I cannot believe that it’s actually Fourth of July. Where has the time gone? Summer has officially been heralded in and now we’ve come upon this red, white, and blue crazed three-day weekend. Everyone is celebrating the height of the warm summer months with drinks and foods while proudly boasting about their upcoming trips and children’s vacation camps. But one thing that seems to become more and more elusive each summer is the idea of slowing down and letting our kids enjoy the boredom. Instead, we’re knocked off balance by all of the commitments that promise fun and entertainment for our kids and ourselves.

I will be the first to say that I can’t resist a fun family vacay or those afternoons of silence while my kids are off at 49er Camp. However, it’s easy to become caught up in these sun-filled happenings. We frantically try to pack everything in instead of actually enjoying the freedom and well deserved laziness that we’ve been given. Because of those before us, we have been offered the right and privilege to make choices that better our lives in order to create balance. We’re the land of the free for a reason, so lets take time to revel in it instead of drowning in lemonade stands or summer camp commitments.

Enjoy your sleepy mornings and allow the kids to be creative in backyards instead of trudging through the campy activities of finger paints and poolside games.

Our children can and should learn how to entertain themselves instead of looking for things to keep them busy— sometimes the most beautiful things happen right in our own backyards. Having unplanned days creates exhilaration within us and provides that essence of freedom, which is what today ultimately stands for.

Let this year’s Fourth of July be a day where you’re able to stop and enjoy your family and friends, sans overwhelming plans and commitments. Take a moment to recognize that we’re privileged to have this freedom of speech, thought, and the opportunity to create and better ourselves.  Happy Fourth of July everyone, be safe and have fun!