Reaching Your Highest Potential

Energy Anatomy is where the human body encodes thought, converts it into matter, and stores it as energy within specific areas of the body. The energy centers are linked to specific illnesses with past emotional traumas and solve the puzzle of why some people heal, while others don’t.   

–Caroline Myss

After graduating Physical Therapy school, I worked in a traditional fast-paced sports medicine clinic. I saw 26 patients a day with a vast array of diagnoses. As a clinician, the label of a diagnosis has never been important to me, I just loved getting to know the person and seeing how I could be of service.

As each patient came through the office, I began to classify patterns of people. Some didn’t like living in pain and wanted to feel better, while other’s didn’t necessarily like the pain, either, but they started to “own” the pain, almost as if their bad back was a constant annoying companion that they’d become vaguely fond of. Maybe this was the fork in the road. It was a new life of rehab, one filled with medication, surgeries, and injections every six months; the discomfort begins to consume the patient’s life choices. I’d typically hear the patient say they’re not playing or participating in any of their favorite activities as they’ve taken backseat to their constant pain. Now, what once were such simple things, such as walking, driving, sitting at work, and sleep, are insurmountable struggles.

I deeply empathized with my patients as I subjectively evaluated their situation. I could clearly hear the pain in their voice, and I would typically see their world begin to close in around them. This sad downward spiral eventually led me to look past the physical pain and ask, “What’s going on in your life?” As I searched for answers through my pointed and sincere questions, I began to connect the dots in this person’s life. I’d be able to see whether they’re living (or not living) their life, and how these actions manifest in their physical body. I was able to find these answers through the practice and understanding of Energy Anatomy, which gave me profound insight.

Over 13 years later, in my private outpatient practice, I work with more chronic back pain clients than any other, secondary to shoulder and knee issues. Now the clients call me, and the typical conversations go something like this, “I was referred to you by (insert name), and they highly recommended you. I’ve had horrible back pain for 10+ years, and I’ve tried everything: physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, steroid injections, a little Reiki, and even surgery! Nothing’s worked. I’m tired of taking medication, and I can’t enjoy my life anymore. I’m just at such a loss.” When these people come to me, I can clearly hear the frustration and desperation in their tone. Their disheartened spirit is thinking: “How are you going to be any different than the other practitioners and treatments I’ve exhausted?” I could see how, to them, I’m just another expense that will eventually fail, but they must at least try. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation. If you or someone you know falls into this pattern, here’s my solution…


1. Find what makes you happy.

2. Go back to the source. Be your own body detective and timeline your pain with your personal life experiences. Start when you were a child until this present day. Fill in all the grief, anger, guilt, resentment and shame. With whom do you have stressed relationships? Where does healing need to occur? Make it happen and do your work so you can find joy in your life. The delight wrapped in your cellular tissue will not have enough room for pain.

3. Reframe your mind.


Maybe you’re in a defeated relationship or perhaps it’s time for a new career. These Southern California freeways are horrendous so maybe you need to simplify your life and be closer to home. Or what if it’s that gift you’ve been given to heal others and you’re busy doing the accounting for your family business or scrubbing floors on your hands and knees?  Maybe all the pain was an entire blessing to lead you down the happiest trail of your life!

Chronic musculoskeletal pain is your gift backed up inside eagerly trying to come out.

Our highest potential is our personal life road map, and, if you aren’t following your path, your body will send you warning signs. Take all those hours you spent trying to heal and interpret it as knowledge. That information with your gift is powerful. Dig deep down into your creative bank, and figure out how you can lead a path of service and fill those empty spaces in your heart.

Go take that new class you’ve been eyeing forever, whether it’s hair styling, bodywork, financial planning, or coaching a team. Whatever it is, connect your heart with it. The overwhelming sense of passion will fill your brain with so much serotonin; your body will begin to be invaded by all the goodness that’s been trying to reach you.

Don’t get caught up in your pain for too long. Look at what it’s trying to tell you. If you need help, I’m here.