Protect Your Children & Their Bodies

I am not trying to rain on your parade or anything, but we have to continually remember that sexual predators are everywhere. It’s a new school year with new people in daycare, kids clubs, classrooms, school buildings, dance class, sports and the list goes on. I found a website that gives some good advice to prevent sexual abuse. Pay attention to your kids and their behavior because they may not be able to string the words together to clearly communicate to you. Be present.

Teach your children the difference between good and bad touch. As a practitioner, I always look them in the eye and ask permission to touch their body before I give treatment (and as I write this I realize I want to also tell them they have the right to say “no” too!). Sometimes we may work on physical exercises with very minimal hands-on cueing to connect to good touch. My goal is to guide them to be in control of their body at all times.

Let’s not forget that human touch is wonderful. It feels so good to give a big hug, hold someone’s hand you love or just a dear pat on the shoulder with a sincere, “how are you doing?” We can’t let those predators spoil the warm feeling of touch and all the incredible sensory messages it feeds our body and soul.