Posture & Emotion

For over a decade I have studied a person’s life and how it deposits into their physical body…and I’ve come up with one thing we all struggle with everyday. Self-Esteem. Does that person like me? Am I good enough? Will someone love me?  The list goes on and on churning in our minds constantly affecting our posture. We can begin to experience pain in our knees, our back or neck while chipping a little bit of our hearts at the same time.  Our shoulders begin to round forward, our head sticks out and we shorten our spine to conform to the smaller world we are living in mentally.

So, do me a favor.

1) Lift your torso (which is your power)

2) Roll your shoulders back (open your heart)

3) Lift up your chin (expose your truth). And smile.

Life is wonderful. Be grateful. You are good at so many things, you really are. It’s more of a matter of courage to be it otherwise you victimize your highest potential linking you to your purpose. Be the best you can be even if it makes the person next to you uncomfortable. With your kind and compassionate heart you will only continue to inspire others (and your body will feel good too).

Oh! And check out the research too:: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by <Amy Cuddy>