Love Conquers All- Even Cancer

In 1983, Shirley MacLaine wrote a book about her journey through New Age spirituality. She titled it Out on A Limb. She said, “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. It’s where all the fruit is.” I’ve decided I am going to take a bite, a big bite and tell you, “I love Cancer.” I don’t hate it, I don’t want to stick my middle finger up at it, I don’t want to stand up to it, I don’t want to f*ck cancer. None of it. I want to love it with all my heart.

Anger, guilt, resentment, shame and grief are the five major emotional undercurrents of cancer. With all of that negative turmoil do you think we need to stand up to it? No. We need to surrender to it and listen to the symbolism and guidance it can have in our life.

Let’s look a little deeper. I’m certain we can find these emotions inside ourselves if we really look within and at our family dynamics. For example, if your mother or father were physically absent in your life you may have likely stored anger toward them. If you were the absent father or mother, you may have stored guilt or resentment. Perhaps you were a victim of molestation, you would most likely store shame and anger on top. And maybe you are of a different ethnicity other than Caucasian, such as Mexican American or African American that feels unheard and misunderstood and possibly have stored all of the emotions listed.

These secrets are imprinted in the cells of your body.  The imprints could potentially be deadly information circulating through your veins. To clear this data you must learn your inner vision, how to read your own body. Archetypal Patterning can give you insight into your pain, illness or disease. To learn more about the benefits of archetypal patterning, click here:

Generation after generation we keep handing down these destructive emotional patterns to our children and project them onto those around us creating much suffering, pain and disease within our lives. But healing isn’t the responsibility of just the sick, loved ones surrounding that person are responsible as well. Everyone must be accountable and hear each other’s stories and understand their own lessons as well as those affected with disease to resolve unfinished business.

Disease may be the catalyst to feel the pain within the family, which opens the consciousness for everyone to wake up and fulfill what the family desires within their bloodlines. Being heard and understood fills us with unconditional love. Remember, the number one cause of death is heart disease:  DIS-EASE meaning without ease of the heart or having a painful heart. We need love within ourselves, our families and our communities.


“Heal your family’s bloodlines and leave a new emotional legacy for your children.” –EHF