I’ve Got a Cure

I’VE GOT A CURE…(well, an idea at least)

YOU. You are the cure.

I think most people would agree we’ve swung too far away from whole and it’s time to drive it home. This means we need connection to ourselves, our bodies and one another. Mother Earth is angry with us. Why are coyotes running down my beach city neighborhood? Why did I see donkeys for the first time at the lake our family has visited for 35 years? Why the polar vortex? Why earthquakes? Tsunamis? And not to mention human beings’ misalignment: drug addiction epidemic, crowded prisons, depression, ADHD, cancer…the shadow list goes on.

Can we accept that maybe this is a message?

A message where we are being told:

“Dear World, if you can’t #findyourcenter we will help you by throwing so many uncontrollable circumstances that have no obvious answer that you will have to start opening your eyes, connecting with your innate consciousness and asking why?. And maybe, just maybe, when it becomes so unbearable you will drop to your knees and surrender to a power greater than yourself- a God, another human being, the Earth. Whatever will wake you up and find your heart. Passion connects and joy begins to consume you. Energy begins to calm and the animals return to their natural habitat, temperatures will normalize and for goodness sake human beings can finally find some peace.”

Don’t let the darkness pull you away from everyone and everything that matters.

Get down on your knees, touch your “minds eye” to Mother Earth and gather all the good you can. Fill yourself up and wipe the darkness away. It’s not a diagnosis, it’s a meter to tell you how far you are away from your center. Believe it.