Is Your Soul On Loan?

Archetypes are some of the basic forms of groundwork I use in therapy. There are dozens of patterns I encounter, but one of the most common that I find people stuck in is the Prostitute archetype. These are souls that just seem to be looking for someone to take care or them, and, inevitably, they get stuck in a situation that ultimately isn’t bringing them happiness. However, because they have found “comfort” they remain complacent and stay.

When we begin to study the Prostitute archetype, we’ll find that it can teach us all a lesson about what our soul and spirit are willing to negotiate. Whether it’s worry about physical survival or financial stability, deep inside there’s a part of us that loves to be taken care of. When we compromise our integrity or spirit, we emotionally prostitute ourselves and our physical bodies take a toll. It may start off almost imperceptibly, but it slowly gains momentum and can easily take over our life.

We need to recognize that steadfast self-esteem and self-respect will protect us from selling out. However, we can’t always do this alone because sometimes burdens are too much for us to bear on our own. So, where should we go when all else fails? Our faith.

If we have faith, no one can buy us.

Lets close our eyes and envision how relaxing it could be to take care of ourselves all the while trusting that there’s someone or something divine out there looking after us. It’s nice, isn’t it? Unfortunately, without faith we may come to a point where we pay a price, that being our health. Every time we take one step on our path of personal empowerment, we will meet someone who will want to buy a piece of our soul in order to make us less powerful.

I encourage you to take inventory of your physical body.

Have you been experiencing any chronic or reoccurring pain?

OK, now ask yourself where you’re trying to keep the peace in your life. Could it be at home, work, or with a person?

Slowly you’ll begin to see the energetic chord, while feeling that pesky stiffness in your neck. Each time someone triggers you and endangers your integrity, that nagging ache will crop up again.

Instead of ignoring these thoughts and pains like before, what if you address the situation by using your voice? Yes, you may risk losing a relationship or a job, but what if you trust that everything will work out for the best?

We must be mindful when this archetype of selling yourself short begins to creep into our vortex. Funny enough, it typically shows up when we start to convince ourselves to stay in a toxic relationship, emotionally taxing job, or unhealthy lifestyle. It may be tempting to think that we can’t do it alone, but we can and we will.

It’s time to disconnect away from this negative weight and free our soul into the best possible life!

I’m here if you need help,

Xx- g.