I Have A Dream…

  • That one day when a person who is labelled the “lost soul” or the “problem child” is recognized as the light and someone has the courage to ask them their life story and truly understand it with empathy and compassion. It could possibly redeem their soul overnight.
  • that when a cancer patient is in the doctor’s office that the doctor asks them their emotional life history, recognizes destructive patterns and offers spiritual life tools versus medication.
  • that parents will heal their own soul so they don’t pass on their torment to their children.
  • that we quit blaming others and take responsibility for our actions, realizing we are in control of our lives.
  • that more of us take the road less traveled.
  • that when a young person of today has an initial pain they immediately recognize the emotional stressor in their life and move their body before ever considering a drug, injection or surgery.
  • of a spiritual awakening in the healthcare system.