Heal Your Pain

Heal Your Pain

Free Your Child

From Carrying Your Burdens

Give a Damn. Stop denying your pain. I’ve seen so many kids – over-diagnosed, over-medicated and addicted because their parents are hiding past traumas. Burying your pain does not inoculate your children from carrying your invisible burdens. It is hard to fathom something that happened in my past could harm my child. Well it can. It is. And, you can stop it. I intuitively know this pain personally and professionally. The frozen terror, hyperactivity, heartbreak or desperate need to control that you see mirrored in your child’s eyes, face and body. Trauma repeats generation after generation with varying manifestations, symptoms and diagnoses in the body. Born with pain that did not start with them. We see this in increasing levels of anxiety, mood disorders, addiction, over-sensitivity and suicide in our young people. When I look at the number of losses due to the opioid crisis  — I can’t help but feel like we’re killing ourselves. Numbing the pain is obviously not working. Pain is a GPS signal to the invisible wound. With reverence, we can choose to listen to the pain instead of deny it. If you are drinking, eating, smoking or medicating to take the edge then you are choosing to pass on your burden. Give a Damn. Wake up. You have the power to become the hero of your family. If your parents chose to bury and numb their pain instead of heal, you are also carrying their invisible burdens. But it can end with you. Listen to your body signaling a crisis inside. You see a part of your body is still frozen in that room or house where you were molested, abused, violated, neglected, betrayed, shamed or raped. I know moving through this pain alone would be hard. But you are not alone. Together, we open the door. We move through the emotions and experiences stored inside your body to turn off the threat and pain signals. The liberation from pain comes from doing the work with courage and grace to uproot the past so that your family and children have fertile soil to root, grow and thrive, instead of just survive. Give a Damn for your kids. Give a Damn for your grandkids. Give a Damn for your generation because when you heal, you lift all those around you. I’ve seen whole families and surrounding friends/families heal from the choice of one. Healing yourself emanates outward. Join me in sharing this with everyone you know. I see too many individuals suffering from invisible wounds inflicted in childhood and suffocating from generational wounds. Breathe. We can revive your body, your family and our community.

Uprising Retreat- Tuesday, October 15th 5:30-7:30pm

Wayfarer’s Chapel in Palos Verdes, CA

Join us this Fall under the redwoods in the tranquil stone and glass sanctuary atop the symphonic shores of the Pacific Ocean, where we will guide you into your body and life review to excavate the roots of pain, disease and addiction haunting you and members of your family. You can rise up to be the hero of your family. In this safe place, you will transform your pain into super power. The time has come to heal invisible wounds in you. Let’s Rise Together!

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