Go Out And Live

If you hate your job—leave it.

If you hate your relationship—leave it.

Even if you’re scared, just let go—leave it.

Don’t stay in it for the money. It could be your relationship, your job, or a plethora of other responsibilities. Either way, any one of these will deplete your energetic stores, fill you with pain, and eventually make you sick. The low vibrational currency of shame, apathy, sadness, and anger circulates through your body, day in and day out, inevitably making it impossible to find happiness. Life is way too short for anyone to be miserable; do you really want your life to slip by in this way? No, of course you don’t, and that’s what we’re going to change today.

But before you jump blindly into your heart’s desire, we need to get one thing straight. Do you know what you’re truly passionate about? Have you really stopped and meditated on what it means for you to be happy? It’s not until you understand yourself and your purpose that the doors of opportunity will open. Suddenly your work will no longer feel like a job. Instead it will flow from you with joy, becoming a positive extension of your being.

Once you’ve entered into the realms of living a passionate life, you can finally be filled with unbridled joy. You’ll find that your interactions are more pleasant, and, who knows, maybe you’ll even meet “the one.” Or, alternatively, you’ll just be able to invest more time into nurturing current relationships that have been on your back burner. You may find yourself falling in love, rekindling a long lost friendship, or you may even bear witness to your spouse finally getting that spring in their step that had long been forgotten. Once you discover and follow what your passion is, you can move forward in life with positive intention and a new exuberance for life.


It’s time.


Go out and live.