Emotional Pain Chart. Emotional Body Chart that shows the connection and flow between mind and body.

The Emotional Pain Chart: The Flow Between The Mind And Body

The body is but a vessel ~ A.J. Durai

 The Emotional Pain Chart

When you have a cleared mind, you naturally expend less energy everyday and use that energy towards a life you love.  Our emotional pain chart breaks down all of your physical maladies and helps you attribute them to the root cause.

Every single person who comes through our door has connected with this emotional pain chart and used it as a starting point to really dive into their depression, unsteadiness, or whatever it may be. It’s incredible how, when the mind and body connect, our clients become visibly and quickly transformed. We see this automatically benefit their lives and it’s from something very simple—we’re helping them make decisions that are in their best interests for health, whether they’re choosing better foods or choosing a career that better suits them.

Methods In Practice

When I first started Centripetal Force Studio I knew I wanted it to be more than a physical therapists’ office. Our aches and pains don’t just appear because we’re old or out of shape, but they’re interrelated between our mind, body, and soul. Early in my career I noticed when people talked about the history of their pain it followed a timeline of events and experiences that had occurred in their lives. From grief to shame, I sensed these emotions sitting inside their soul waiting to be freed. I studied the physical patterns and how they’d intersect with the way they’d been living life.

Take this for example.

Remember that time your boyfriend dumped you or you were passed by for that job promotion? The disappointment left you feeling physically ill: headaches, nausea, and a deep dark mood became your unwanted companion. I bet you never thought once it had anything to do with your life experience. Now wait and fast-forward three years; you have chronic neck aches and struggle with inflexibility. Have you ever stopped to consider maybe that heart-breaking moment actually caused your recurring neck cramps? No? I know. I hear it all the time. But you learn to live with the issue and begin to define yourself as a person that has “neck issues.” We live with it, we dwell there, maybe we seek some treatment, but in most cases I see people allowing themselves to suffer. Well, don’t worry; that’s where I come in.

Physical Therapy IS preventative medicine because if you don’t take care of that nagging neck pain it will slowly begin to expand morphing into a loss if tissue, cell disconnect, and even failure of your organs. At this point, you may even end up with a larger diagnosis of the throat, such as an autoimmune disorder. And to think it could’ve been prevented with a simple acceptance and plugging into the disappointments you felt.

Your Body And Mind Go Hand In Hand

At CFS we teach you how to live INSIDE your body. We stress the importance of the proper way to strike your foot while running in order to connect deep within the hip socket for maximum support and comfort. And, if that doesn’t happen smoothly, we’ll explore and search an area in your life where you need to make a major decision and move forward. You see, it all comes back to a story, a particular moment in life that shifted you to that harmful position you now find yourself in. In order to ignore the pain we continually re-position ourselves to eliminate a “low feeling.” Our bodies may be tilting from this pain, but our soul knows this is neither effective nor conducive to everyday life.  Becoming conscious in your body instinctively brings awareness to every aspect of your life.

Live within your body and give respect to your feelings, no matter how trivial they may seem. Yes, that headache may be from the weather but it could also be from something more. Visit our studio to continue your journey towards peace and comfort.




**Download a complimentary high resolution image of the emotional pain chart on our website…enjoy!