don’t do it.

Dear You,

I know you need a hug. I know she wasn’t there for you and that made things so confusing. I understand you’ve seen some pretty dark days and I pray you find the light. I feel that you have a huge heart and are really such a sweetie pie…even though you don’t hear it a lot. I believe it and I believe in you. It’s okay, you’re here now. You can breathe in relief and begin to sink into your body. Release the shame and the grief. It wasn’t your fault. You were raised in an environment that wasn’t nourishing and protecting.  Life has happened to you but you are not a victim to it.  Today you have control. Today you realize that you are in charge of your true destiny. I want to cradle you in my arms and give you sweet kisses on your forehead to show you how it feels. I want you to melt in to a big hug. It’s okay to like how it feels because when you embrace it, it feels good in your soul.

I’m so sorry life has hurt you so much and the nightmare has lead you to this point.

Here’s where you surrender, you smile, and thank God you’ve arrived.

I got you,