Collect Experiences, Not Things

Which leaves a sweeter taste in your mouth – your six-week yoga retreat in the lush hills of Italy or that carefully calculated purchase for the cashmere scarf you just had to have? I’m going to venture to say that most of you would choose that heavenly trip any day of the week.

We’re in the full throes of the holidays and I’m going to be honest, I’m still scrambling to check some purchases off my list. As I was driving to work it suddenly dawned on me – why not give the gift of health? Sure, we already have health insurance so why in the world would we pay out of pocket? Good care, that’s why. When you’re in physical pain you have three options: medication, cortisone injections or surgery. Rarely do people even find benefits in traditional physical therapy anymore. They usually assume it’s something they could do themselves.

Boutique healthcare practices can be overwhelming. Not only because they’re untraditional but the cost is steeper than your average clinician. However, and this is a big however, the benefits you reap can’t even be compared to a typical practitioner and client relationship. As 2016 looms larger and larger I want to give you the tools and techniques you have hidden within that’ll make your pain melt away. I want to help you on your life journey. My vision is to not only heal disease, but to encourage people, like yourself, to enrich their life with hope for a future of preventative medicine. Meaning, it starts when your body may be feeling a slight twinge, and then what’s your option? You come to me where I help you “realign” yourself in just one session. So much better than progressively getting deeper in your sickness, whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual.

That’s why for this holiday season I’m offering The Body Card. You’ll have a Physical and Energetic Evaluation & follow up with myself, and 10 Physical/Energetic Movement Sessions with my fellow instructors. At $995 for adults and $495 for children you’ll feel connected and energized with a thrive for life immediately that your newest plate set could never replicate.

So, I’ll leave you with this. Material items are far more fleeting than memories. You’re only going to have your Macbook Pro for four to six years, tops, and then it’s on to the next and shinier model. The trip you took to Italy, which could have only lasted twelve days, is something you’re going to still be talking about ten years from now. Once you’re able to lose the desire for material goods you’ll literally feel lighter with better priorities; almost as though the weight of the world has finally been released from within. (And then you’re going to feel even lighter after your first session with me!)

So instead of buying your mother or significant other that new entertainment system, invest in their health. Snag a Body Card so that they have the gift that keeps on giving –health, life, & happiness.