CF Studio: Braincore Program

     At Centripetal Force Studio, I see a variety of people. From children to adults, no problem is too big or small. Quite honestly, I look forward to my younger clients the most because they’re just so full of life and innocence. It’s so refreshing to see a spirit and soul that’s new and unburdened, ready to take on the world in the most energetic way possible.
     I realize that it may be difficult to understand how CFS can be of help to your child, but this type of energetic therapy has actually had remarkable results.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to actually find the time, or money, to take your child to a program like this. That’s why I’ve put together this brochure—a list of tips and tricks on how to set your child up for the best future possible, emotionally and physically. Not only will you learn different ways to interact with your child, but also you’ll learn different ways to interact with yourself. Take a moment to skim through, and share with anyone who you think could benefit.
     Remember, children are just an extension of ourselves, and should be treated with as much love and respect as we, too, like to receive.
     It’s time for you and your little ones to get empowered!

CF Studio: Braincore Program

Parent/Guardian Modeling

Advocate for Your Kids


  • Teach your child how to be still. No stimulation, just idle time. It helps them find what they like to do and how to keep their energy to themselves.
  • Allow your child to feel sad or angry; let them know it will pass. Make sure to encourage and help them embrace their happiness too.
  • Analyze how you treat others; they are watching you.
  • Teach your child to check and pay attention to what’s happening on the inside of them.
  • Motivate them to draw pictures or write how they feel.


  • Teach them how to breathe. (In the nose and out the mouth.)
  • Know when to cool off or count to ten. (This goes for both of you!)
  • Create a ritual around bedtime—after homework—that begins the wind-down process and lets their bodies and minds know that they will be going to sleep soon (eg…light a candle, read a book; listen to music; something quiet and soft.)
  • Try to have them lie down at the same time every night.
  • Say “no,” and stick to it because it equals a hug and means you care about your child.
  • Eventually ask your child to draw their own bath or take a shower on their own. Give moderate support at first by shampooing hair, cleaning up the water mess, and handing them a towel; slowly back off so they begin to learn the order and process of it themselves & you’re set free!
  • Reinforce hygiene everyday: bathe, brush teeth in the morning and the evening, wear clean underwear and fresh clothes.
  • Try not to book so many play dates and constant things to do. It can create a child that’s needy and clingy for attention.
  • Teach your child to eat three healthy meals everyday. Keep junk food and soda to a minimum. It makes them crash and burn.
  • Encourage your child, even when you know they physically can’t do something. They may not want to do the task at that time, but you will be building their self-confidence for a later time.


  • Never tease or make fun of your child. Ever. You’re being mean. They will be mean.
  • Try something new in front of them, especially if you’re trying to convince them to do it!
  • Play and interact with your child: catch, puzzles, read books, build legos, ride bikes, cook, play music, jump rope, or shoot hoops. Choose at least one and stick with it.
  • Watch your body language; they’ll mimic what they see.
  • Try to understand what they’re trying to comprehend at such a young age; they will feel your empathy and send it back into the world.
  • Listen to what your child says, so they, in turn, can listen to you.


  • Show kindness and respect in as many situations as possible. Try to keep over-reacting to a minimum; walk away, give yourself a time-out if needed.
  • Admit when you make a mistake and apologize. It’s important for them to see you feeling vulnerable.
  • Respect their little bodies; they trust you.
  • Don’t use your children to get what you want or need. It’s very manipulative and confusing for them.
  • Watch your reactions so your child will continue to come to you when needed.
  • Hug your babies, kiss them on the forehead, and tell them how wonderful they are and that you love them.