Centripetal Force

Sen-trip-i-til: a pathway to the center

Fours: physical power or strength

possessed by a living being

“Centripetal Force” is an energy that moves inward toward a center or axis, as in the growth of a sunflower where the florets near the edge open first, and the ones in the center last.

Isn’t this the same for our body and life? We typically find our center last, if at all.

In one of my favorite books, Falling Upward, Richard Rohr helps us to understand the spiritual tasks of the two halves of life. He teaches us that those who have failed, or gone down, are the only ones who can really understand “up.” Those who have somehow fallen, and fallen well, are the only ones who can grow spiritually and not misuse “up.” What looks like falling down can largely be experienced as “falling upward.”

When we give into the resistance, we rise. When we surrender to the physical pain, we can hear the message. When we finally grieve our broken heart, we have the opportunity to feel something new. We have a fresh outlook on life.

 We’re centered.

Our physical bodies are the road map for our lives. Every diagnosis can educate us about changes in life we need to make. When we play the Victim archetype, in our mind, guess what shows up in our energetic field? You end up being placed in situations that push you beyond your boundaries and victimize you emotionally, thus depleting your energy. Play the victim for a long enough period of time and it will show up physically. Usually in the musculoskeletal system first, and, if you still don’t listen, it manifests deeper and more systemic.

If you don’t take control of your life, your body will take control of you.

Nobody wants to feel bad so we build wall after wall trying to control our lives until it begins to shut down and become very small. We think our joy can be attained by ways of over-spending, drinking, eating, staying busy, drugs, sex, and work, however it leaves us spinning in circles of centripetal motion until we reach for it again. Any which way we veer for happiness that very thrill may send us into the secret pocket of our lives that fill us with shame.

How about we begin to see our physical body as the outer florets and work toward the inner florets of our heart? Let someone in. Trust them. Trust your body and the messages it’s trying to convey. Yes, people may hurt you, but there will be greater reward in the moments you feel the love…and just maybe your heart disease will improve or your mid-back pain can finally take a hike.