Cancerous Energy

Part of the curriculum for physical therapy graduate school was to dissect human cadavers. To this day, it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my entire life. I felt so honored that someone would will their body to science so that we may learn the intricate details of the human anatomy. Our groups consisted of four people, two on either side of the body that worked as a team. We started off more superficial and then used scalpels to peel back layers of soft tissue in order to learn the profound connection of nerves to muscles, ligaments to bones, etc…

The inevitable day arrived to journey beyond the superficial layers of the human body. We were making the first deep-seated cuts to study the internal structure. Everyone was a little trepid, so I elected to clip the ribs one by one in order to divide the chest cavity. With the help of my teammate we carefully loosened up the ribcage and pulled it back to expose the inner being. There I stood in pure awe of the human design. I felt as if I was looking under the hood of a car. Every organ (or part) was in its place with a variation in size and color. As I looked across the laboratory I remember immediately spotting a pacemaker, yellow fatty pockets encased around the organs, oversized hearts and undersized lungs. It was the obvious unhealthy patterns that popped out while pink spongy organs proportionate to body size signified health to me. And then I scanned down at our cadaver’s lungs. They were not pink and spongy at all. The lobes were covered with a white mold-like substance while black cobwebs intertwined the upper chest.

“Dr. Kamath, what is this all over our cadaver’s lungs?” I asked.

“Oh…” She said, “everyone, please join around.”

All 50 students gathered around our thinly framed adult cadaver.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is cancer.” Our professor stated. “Most likely a smoker based on the dark substance encased around the lungs.” I immediately thought of my grandfather who died of lung cancer. He smoked for most of his life too. Our cadaver’s respiratory system didn’t look healthy to me at all, even though on the outside the person was in fairly regular form.

I always wondered why my grandfather died at 65-years-old. It’s not young, but it’s most certainly not old. Physically seeing what cancer looks like in the body made me feel sad for my sweet spirited grandfather. It looked painful. I was curious my entire life why he died which eventually led me to studying Energy Anatomy with Pioneer, Caroline Myss.

After studying with her, I learned natural, spiritual and celestial forms of healing that soulfully connect to illnesses and diseases, such as cancer. After applying and studying this philosophy for over a decade I can confidently say people have a tightly bound story held up within the cells of their tissue contributing to the destruction of their body. I’ve learned to decode the five major emotions behind cancer: anger, guilt, resentment, shame, and grief. If you equate those emotions to color they’d all be dark. However, happiness, love, respect, kindness and contentment would be full of light, bright pink and spongy with the ability to breathe in life.

My grandfather, my lovely personal teacher taught me all about lung cancer and how it could blaze into your life when I was only thirteen-years-old. I could always feel his presence so close to me guiding me on this awakening of our life’s patterns and how they affect our physical body. My grandpa was the kindest and most helpful man, a huge influence to my family and me. He’d give you the world, but you see…he was out of balance. Yeah, the shadow part we don’t like to look at or deal with.

He gave too much and forgot to take care of himself. He lacked self-care leaving his “heart tank” low. Our intellect and emotions can potentially create disbelief and doubt thinking, “But he was so loved! How can this be possible?” It wasn’t an absence of love, he just didn’t know how to feel the love. There was a disconnect within himself because he found greater worth in giving love away, yet hadn’t learned how to accept it. That pattern is invisible. We can only feel that on an energetic level.

I love my Grandpa John so much. He taught me how to swim and I can feel him writing this with me now. He’s saying, “Don’t be afraid to teach them how to navigate through the water. They will be reborn and transcend.”

Do it. Live and love well.