A previous client calls and says she is having “old pains come up.” Have you had a re-ocurring pain somewhere in your body? Think about it for a second by taking a quick scan from head to toe, inside and out. Anything?

Well, for her it was an old foot pain. I instantly thought of where she was in life…right in the middle of a long unsettled divorce.

“When was the first time you experienced this foot pain?” I asked.
“Twenty years ago.” She answered.
“And what was going on then in your life?” I asked again.
“I was in the middle of a divorce settlement the FIRST time.” She quickly uttered.
“Time for you to put your foot down and stand for up for yourself.” I suggested.
And so she did. And her foot pain abolished.

Amazing how our life experiences can intertwine within our bodies, huh? Do you see a c-o-n-n-e-c-t-i-o-n within yourself? Plug into that pain, feel it and let go. Now.