Blocked by A Past Life

If you haven’t heard of Brené Brown, you must check her out.

  For over twenty years, she has primarily researched the emotions of shame and vulnerability and drawn some amazing conclusions that can really help our culture. In her book, Brené shares a guiding list of what you can begin to cultivate in your life, while letting go of the things that don’t serve you anymore. This helps us grow spiritually and understand ourselves at a deeper level so we don’t store negative emotions that can manifest themselves into physical diagnoses, which is the very reason I created Centripetal Force Studio.   At CFS, we provide education for you to understand how your body moves and what it feels so you can uncover the destructive patterns that have caused you pain. As we physically breakthrough harmful structural habits your emotional life instinctively improves. From the other end, as we address the destructive emotional patterns within your life, your body automatically releases old stagnant energy and pain. Our methods teach you to #findyourcenter and in the process to discover a peaceful, pain-free body.

10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living

Gifts of Imperfection, by Brené Brown

1. Cultivating authenticity, letting go of what people think

2. Cultivating self compassion, letting go of imperfection

3. Cultivating a resilient spirit, letting go of numbing & powerlessness

4. Cultivating gratitude & joy, letting go of scarcity & fear of the dark

5. Cultivating intuition & trusting faith, letting go of the need for certainty

6. Cultivating creativity, letting go of comparison

7. Cultivating play & rest, letting go of productivity as a status symbol & self-worth

8. Cultivating calm & stillness, letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle

9. Cultivating meaningful work, letting go of self-doubt and supposed to.

10. Cultivating laughter, song & dance, letting go of being cool & always in control

  I dream one day we can teach these spiritual life skills in school that can help youngsters reach their highest potential despite the lack of support they may have at home. This gives them something positive to chew on and possibly even share with their parents!   Try focusing on letting go of one these this week. I’m letting go of what people think by writing this blog so I can authentically feel myself with the deep urge I have inside me to share my knowledge and spiritual insight. And believe me, I have way more to share than just giving you a quick guide to some else’s book, but I’m easing into it.

I had a past life reading done to understand why I was so afraid to start the #findinghealthinyoursoul blog. All I asked the psychic was “Why am I so afraid to tell the truth and write what I really feel for others to truly see me?” What I did NOT share with the woman was that at the root of my fear I deeply felt a lock around my neck and that I was unable to express myself for fear of someone hurting me. I just wanted to see what she had to say and she delivered her message: “You were burned at the stake for being a female writer, actually humiliated with your hands tied above your head and naked in front of your community that you helped heal and connect. They betrayed you. The women, and mostly men, spit on you and burned you for telling your views.”

Now you can sit back and say, “well any psychic could put that together”, but I’ve gotta tell you, when your soul carries such pain you recognize the truth and feel like, “bingo! Nailed it!” And just the knowing is the clearing: making me no longer feel crazy inside because now I finally understood my blockage! Within one hour I felt like I COULD. I COULD OVERCOME MY FEARS AND MOVE FORWARD TO MY SOULS PURPOSE.   I wish it was that easy, but it was certainly a huge obstacle that I’ve been trying to overcome for some time and the more I do the happier I become. I absolutely feel more whole and it gives truth to my belief that when you are living a life that you love you will be free of pain- whether physical or emotional.

What are you going to let go of? Or maybe just start cultivating like crazy and it will just push the old right out of your life. YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT!   Need more support? I’m here for you: #empoweredhealth #cforcestudio