Attention: All Molesters

Perversion: any abnormal means of obtaining sexual gratification


Since 2009, child protective services have reason to believe that 63,000 children are sexually abused each year. What’s worse, 93% of these abusers are known and/or related to the victim.

I sit up at night thinking about the innocent children that want to love and be loved. These angel babies have been placed on earth to find their purpose and strive toward their greatest potential. Little do these innocent souls know that they’ll be force fed one of America’s dirtiest secrets. The word our ears automatically shun and our heads turn from in disgust. I’m talking about perversion—child sexual assault.

The origin of the word, perversion, was coined in late 14 B.C. At that time, its definition was an action that turned aside from the truth.

It’s easy to forget when our children are throwing tantrums, but, at their core, they are blameless. They are only guided by the adults in their lives and unfortunately many adults aren’t doing the work to release their own childhood trauma. So, we’ve begun to see these generational wounds self-perpetuate and manifest in multi-facets, such as sexual abuse.

Dear Molester,

Children are not here to be someone’s sexual release. This perverted energy is a direct reflection of your own trauma and the shame pool you’ve been drowning in your entire life. I’m sorry you were hurt, but don’t project your dark and shadow filled energy into this world any longer. It’s time for you to accept responsibility and take the initiative to heal your invisible wounds. Either learn how to have a healthy, sexual relationship with an adult or become secure in finding solace within yourself.

Just because you lost your power when you were young doesn’t give you a right to take away another child’s voice and body. I know you hate yourself for it; I know you know better. Sever this festering limb before it kills our entire nation. Stop inflicting these invisible wounds onto the flesh of innocent children.

If you continue down this dark and shameful road, you’ll spread this toxic strain. You’ll be fostering a society filled with non-functioning adults. I’ve spoken about the opiate epidemic prior and yes, your actions have created this as a byproduct.

I have seen people come in and out of my studio with this energetic block centered around sexual abuse. It sits very deep and is intertwined every aspect of their life—both the good and bad. This discoloration abstains very healthy human beings from moving on in their lives. Their gut instincts shut down. Their voice closes up. They lose an ability to set boundaries. They’re a pool for potential disease…and they feel like nothing.

I sense it in countless bodies. It’s overwhelmingly difficult to cleanse. I do it every day, but I can’t do it anymore without using my own voice. You have to “STOP!” Only when you stop will we begin to heal and raise humanity.