A New Way to Die

Transcending with Empowered Health Foundation

 “Nothing can happen more beautiful than death.” –Walt Whitman


At Empowered Health Foundation we want to refrain from the horror and hopelessness of death and shift into more transcendent feelings of awe, wonder, and beauty.


Generational Emotion and Patterns

 An individual’s life is like a supernova, brightest and wisest at its end.” 


Spirituality at the end of life encompasses understanding that we are part of something greater than ourselves and that the wisdom gained through a lifetime of experiences is collective wisdom that must be passed down to our family, community, and society as a whole. At the end of life, as your body ages, you may feel as though your light is dimming. But we’re here to rekindle your life energy, reminding you that, in fact, you are at your wisest and brightest as your journey comes to an end because death should just be an extension of life.

In 2015, according to the American Cancer Society, about 589,430 U.S. residents are expected to die of cancer—that’s more than 1,600 people a day. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S., exceeded only by heart disease. In the U.S., cancer accounts for nearly 1 out of every 4 deaths.

There are 5 major emotional undercurrents of cancer: anger, guilt, resentment, shame, and grief. We can find and uncover these emotions when we really take time to look both within ourselves and at our family dynamics. For example, if your mother or father was physically absent in your life you likely stored anger against them. If you were the absent father or mother, you may have stored guilt. Perhaps you are a victim of physical or sexual abuse, then you most likely stored shame and anger.

These dark and dirty secrets are imprinted in the cells of your body, and these marks could potentially play host to deadly information that’s now circulating through your veins. To clear this data you must learn how to access your inner vision in order to read and RECONNECT to your own body.

Generation after generation we keep handing down these destructive emotional patterns, projecting them onto our children and those around us. This only brings more suffering, pain, and disease into our lives. Healing isn’t just the responsibility of the sick; loved one’s surrounding that person are responsible as well—everyone must be accountable. It’s crucial that we hear one another’s stories while grappling with our own issues in order to understand a broader scope of humanity, ultimately leading us to resolve unfinished business.

Disease may be the catalyst to find and feel the pain lying within the family, but this ultimately provides the opportunity to wake up and find forgiveness, love, and connection within the family before the member goes “home.” Being heard and understood is an act of kindness, which in turn fills us with unconditional love. Remember, the number one cause of death is heart “DIS-ease” meaning without ease of the heart or having a painful heart. We need love, both within ourselves, our families, and our communities.




The healers at Empowered Health Foundation are here to bring you and your family a new form of enlightened healthcare. We will guide you to heal your pain and generational wounds, while preserving and recording your legacy of wisdom—your greatest life lessons to pass on to the next generation. When we heal ourselves, we empower and heal our family with that healing wisdom, which transcends time and death. The end of life is your time to heal both yourself and your family, instead of leaving behind a legacy of pain, disease and trauma that then they will have to unravel and come to terms with. Through our engagement with The Healing House, we will guide you on the most awe-inspiring finale of life to discover your true legacy.

Discerning and accessing that untapped wealth of peace, we rely on an empathetic stance based in medicine and end of life care. We feel that it’s important to consider the many nuanced emotional, spiritual, and physical experiences of the patient and his or her overall well being, rather than formulaically treating a medical condition. Dying is a spiritual and humane act, not just a medical one.


The Body Story

We first start with a physical body scan to pinpoint where the disease, ailments, and pain are. As we guide someone to feel their own body they’re slowly able to find the energy block that’s been inhibiting them from accessing true happiness.

Life Review Interview

The next step in their journey towards transcendence is a Life Review Interview. The Life Review has been coined as that moment when your mind begins replaying scenes from your past. This well of memories helps enable you to pass on wisdom that’s been gained from times of conflict or triumph that’s so prevalent in our lives.


Following the review, we shift into our Transcendence program that’s utilized once The Healing House has been built. We help people discover their wisdom and capture their memories on recorded videos as a form of docu-therapy. Together the body scans and Life Review Guide, synthesize a holistic plan that includes core energy work to heal generational wounds, estranged relationships, and prepare for the end of life. We want to avoid fear tainting this stage of life and replace it with empowerment. We want to harness that greatest wisdom that’s been gained over a lifetime so we can transcend the fears of death that often haunt us in our final chapter of life.

In America, we are a youth-centered culture that loses the sight of wisdom that we’ve earned, but, in fact, we should be able to revel in it during the sunset of our lives. An individual’s life is like a supernova, brightest and wisest at its end. Aging is a time to empower the body and mind with inner wisdom and pass that on to the next generation so we know that our life and legacy lives on.

Growing old should be a little voice that encourages us to start making peace with the inevitability of dying and start closing chapters before those last moments. The life story process is the key to unlocking generational wounds so that we don’t continue to pass down a legacy of pain and disease to the next generations, instead we hope you leave an heirloom of peace.


Please take time to visit us online and we look forward to hearing from you.



 Gina Calderone, MPT