A Letter to Our Children

Dear Babes,

Life is turning itself upside down. We’ve been cracked open so we can heal from the inside out. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my lifetime. It’s new for all of us and we’re going to have to take it slow re-integrating back into the world. Our lives have been on a great pause and reset while our bodies are recalibrating to a new vibration of the planet, one that requires soul growth and consciousness. A New Earth is being born and all you need is one thing…heart. Passion, purpose, growth and grit will be mandatory in your lifetime.

The Covid-19 virus has shown us how interconnected we are and that our choices, actions and behavior truly do make a difference in others’ lives around us like a ripple effect.

Here’s a couple of things to remember moving forward from this moment in life…

You may see and hear people explode in public places. Steer clear, be safe and understand they are healing. Send them silent peace from your heart.

When you see something odd, say something. We need people to care and look out for one another.

The big people are supposed to watch out and protect the little people. It’s their job. Not all people do this from their heart, but start observing the ones that do. Learn who to trust.

We are never to judge and criticize others because of the color of their skin. And it’s important that you speak up and care about this issue. It will help us feel more united as human beings. This will take time. Do your part.

It’s important for you to grow, develop who you are in this world and express it from your heart. Don’t worry what others think of you. Ever.

There isn’t a magic pill for sadness or pain, you have to work both physically and emotionally to heal your hurts. Ask for help. And keep asking until someone hears your voice and sees your heart.

Always respect the earth. Don’t trash her, respect her. She’s your Mother.

 The world needs your kind and empathetic heart. Don’t hide it. Use it as your strength. I know it could feel useless in this violent world, stay strong babes. We’re shifting.

Try to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Meaning, maybe someone is having a bad day or they have a tough home life you can’t see. Try with your greatest strength to love them anyway.

Hopefully Life’s #greatpause has taught humanity how to surrender and learn the value of connection, simplicity and nature. Having a meaningful conversation, watching the sunset and enjoying a sweet apple will bring you great joy.

Feelings are vital to our life force. They give us energy or they deplete our body leaving us feeling stuck, scared or lonely. Envision the positive.

My hope for you is that when you return to school things start to change and education becomes more inspiring. I hope teachers will talk about feelings and make it a priority. I hope everyone softens up a little—when you catch a smile, make sure to smile back. I also hope there will be less homework (or none at all) so you can focus on being creative, continue to learn new things on your own, hang with your family and friends or just look at the clouds.

When you walk back into life after this pandemic, know your sensitivity is a superpower and someone else’s lack of heart is a weakness. Never forget that. Use your voice when you need to, be inclusive when you can and walk away from people who don’t respect you.


Mama G

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
– Nelson Mandela


  1. Noell says:

    This is so beautiful. I just found your page “randomly” but I know it’s not random. Last night I started reading Anita Morjani’s new book “Sensitive is the New Strong,” and it speaks to some of what you laid out for your children here. Thank you for this! May you be blessed. ❤️