40 Days to 40!

Day ONE:

Why 40 days to 40? I’m drained, that’s why. I’ve been working since I was 15 years old smashing lemons at Hot Dog on a Stick. That job led to fitting pointe shoes at a dance store, a hostess at Black Angus, a salesperson at Nordstrom to a fitness trainer at The Belmont Athletic Club.  While working, I graduated high school and studied Kinesiology at Cal State Long Beach. I furthered my education with a Masters in Physical Therapy from Western University of Health Sciences. I was on a mission. After two years of fast paced physical therapy mills I desired more connection. I wanted to do better work and make an impact on people’s lives so I left and started a no name business inside The Belmont Athletic Club. I didn’t advertise or really run it like a business. I just had client after client walk through the door with chronic pain and I began to stir my concoction of healing. I studied for seven years with Caroline Myss, a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine. She taught me how to see the destructive patterns in people’s lives and how they are associated with the physical body. It was fascinating to me.

Over the years I began to see people heal, quicker and quicker. I knew I was on to something. When my children were babies I put them to bed every night at 7pm and sat in our back studio until midnight downloading “the dream.” The dream is my dream. I heard these men talking around a table. It’s like I was eavesdropping on them and I was hearing what was needed in our society to make people whole again. In their conversations I heard how broken we are because we are handing down generational emotion and not doing our healing work. I heard why we are sick and truly what we need. I woke up each morning so full of energy to take care of my babies, put them to bed to get back in that room and download all the information the heavens sent me. They gave me the names, Centripetal Force Studio: a for-profit business, and Empowered Health Foundation: a non-profit business. The first is preventative of the second with both focusing on finding health in the soul.

Eight years later I have created three generations of websites and branded two visions. There is still more to go, but the crux is there. The rest is sitting deep inside my soul. We just hit our one year anniversary mark for Centripetal Force Studio in our new space while making some great connections with potential leads for the vision of Empowered Health Foundation. It’s all exciting, but it’s all been a hell of a lot of work.

My energy is low, my heart energy is depleted in giving, and I feel frazzled. I know that is not my natural state. My center feels off. So when my husband asked me what I wanted for my fortieth birthday I said: “time off!”. I just wanted a break. I don’t want to have to get sick to get my break, fracture my foot to have to lay down, or get cancer to lay low…It’s time to practice more of what I preach. I want no agenda, just to live and trust that God will do his work. It’s his turn now.

See you in 40 when I’m 40!




  1. Diane Jensen says:

    Cheers to you and to listening to your needs. Happy 40 days to 40! You deserve every minute of every day! You must take care of yourself and restore yourself before you can give to others.
    Love what you shared! You are on an amazing journey!!
    Keep going!
    Happy of happiest birthdays!